söndag 25 januari 2015


So the Inspiration Wednesday workshop has gone live...

... and this is my take on the first week.

A quote I have been loving, and thinking about using for quite some time now. :)

And the inclusion.

IW stands for Inspirations Wednesday, and #iw2015 is the hashtag for this workshop on Instagram and other social media. Go check it out! My instagram account is: @PyssligaSara.

The back of the inclusion - with the classic Donna Downey date tag. You've got to have it! :)

Donna Downey has an inclusion in between the pages in her art journal. Like it or not, you'll have to work with it and learn to love it. ;) Here is a video where she talks about her journal and why there is an inclusion.

I started the page by adding texture with modeling paste and a pallet knife.

Then I added my quote with thickers.

I have a thought with this workshop, except from learning a lot and evolving in my artistry... to use up some of my scrapbook stash. Don't you all have quite a big stash of scrapbook supplies? I know I do! ;) 

I covered the letters with gesso, because I wanted to have them in the same color. I also added some more texture, with modeling paste and a dotted mask.

Then I did two color glazings over them, one in Quinacridone Magenta and one in Teal. Love! :D ...but I still wanted the quote to stand out some more.

So I did some doodling around the letters...

...and took yellow paint on my finger and gave the page a little stroke. I also used Distress Ink Vintage Photo on the edges and on some of the texture to bring them out as well.

Let this year of 2015 be a year filled with more creativity, inspiration and Wednesdays. ;)

lördag 17 januari 2015

Inspiration Wednesday

Hi! :)

When I first started art journaling I found a lot of inspiration, and learned a lot, from Donna Downeys Inspiration Wednesday videos that she posted once a week for free.

And now she brought them back, for a small membership cost, and I joined in! Eeek! :) This is soo exciting!

I bought my journal from Donna and I've added an extra signature to my journal, since the workshop is for 25 weeks. Love how thick it feels now, can't wait to feel it when it's all filled up with 25 Inspiration Wednesdays. Yum! :)

I've added the second signature with the help from this video, and I used a purple ribbon. :) Cute!

A detail of the journal - the luscious fabric covered button. Love the colors - Orange, green, pink and teal. :) 

My journal is ready, and I'm ready to start this artistic journey. Bring it on! :)