måndag 30 december 2013


Celebrating the holidays with my family and...

... I borrowed my nieces coloring book. It had only pictures of girls dressed in flowers. Soo cool! :) I want one of my own, to use in my Art Journal. 

It is so much fun coloring... I need to go looking for my Copic pens. :) 

söndag 29 december 2013

Never ever give up

Something to live by now and the year to come?

Never give up if there is something that you really want to have!

torsdag 26 december 2013

Santa girl

I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. I did. :)

I'm currently taking three online workshops, where I'm learning to draw faces. It takes a lot of training, but it is fun. :)

I started the page by layering a lot of different Christmas themed patterned papers, and doolies, book paper, other scraps and mod podge.

Then I added gesso and acrylic paint over the entire page, letting the paper show through in some places.

A close up of the girl. This girl is inspired by Danielle Daniels workshop "Her story", that she is teaching together with Christy Tomlinson. I really liked this workshop, and I like the style of the girl. Fun fun fun! :)

I added the acrylic paint with different techniques, and that creates lovey layers. :)

The grey circles is made by a new favorite tool of mine - the polka dot tool from the Gelatos tool set. I tend to use it a lot since I love circles and that tool lets me create circles easy. 

tisdag 24 december 2013

Belive in magic

To day is the day... Christmas Eve! :)

In Sweden, today is the day we celebrate Christmas.

Remember the MAGIC of Christmas!

Even if you are all grown up and have kids of your own. Remember that magical feeling that you had when you woke up on the day of Christmas - with sparkling eyes. :)

This page started as a mop up page, from when I painted a girl (that I'll show you later this week). I used a plastic sleeve as a paint palette, and I just turned that sleeve up side down and stamped with the leftover paint onto this page.

This is a quote from Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory". Word!

The paint ended up kind of thick on some places, but I gave it time to dry and it created some cool structure. :)

I worked with a tag from SNAP, and I made the MAGIC word very sparkling with a sparkly medium.

This makes me happy! :)


måndag 23 december 2013

Gift wrap paper

So have you wrapped all your Christmas presents yet? ... I haven't even started... except for these...

I wanted to try to create my own wrapping paper this year.

I bought plain white wrapping paper at the book store, and then I started playing. :)

I worked with different techniques on the different gifts.

On this one I added green acrylic paint over a mask, added some silver paint with a brayer and stamped with an empty roll of string. 

On the gift on the left, I "painted" with a plastic sleeve... first I added some paint on the sleeve, than I "stamped" on the paper.  

To create more structure I rolled an empty toilet roll (with rubber bands on it) in brown paint and then rolled it over the paper. Kind of messy, but fun. :)


On the package in the middle, I added golden paint over a Donna Downey mask.

Then I stamped with bubble wrap and a piece of cardboard.

On the right package I rolled the paint out with my brayer. That gives it a layer-on-layer effect.

When that was dry I stamped with the empty toilet roll and cardboard.

To wrap it up :) I added some canvas string and a small address tag.

Do you think someone will be happy about these gifts?

söndag 22 december 2013


I've got a question for you today...

... would you like this family to be you neighbor?

.... or maybe on of these?

Glad 4:de advent på er alla! :)

måndag 16 december 2013

Scrap crop

It's a ordinary Monday...

... and I am at a scrap crop with lovely friends. :) 

söndag 15 december 2013

Giving joy!

Look at this video (commercial)...

... and feel the happiness of giving. :)

Glad Tredje Advent! :)

torsdag 12 december 2013

Caviar Pearls

Last Friday we had a Christmas party at work. :)

I bought a fun new product for decorating my nails...

... tiny tiny beads. Also called Caviar Pearls.  

They are very shiny! :)

onsdag 11 december 2013

A motivation page

Today I wanted to show you a page of motivation for me. :)

In August I started a journey toward a more healthier life... and I need motivation to keep going.

I was already eating kind of healthy, but in August I started working out. And finally I started loosing weight. :D

On the background I have stamped with two of Nathalie Kalbach masks from Stencil Girl. Wouldn't that be a dream? - Designing your own masks?! :)

I used mists from Dylusion on the electric circuit mask, and Heidi Swapp gold mist on the crackle mask. You can see the gold on the pink on the top left part of the photo - it shimmers sooo cool.

To lighten up the page a bit, I added modeling paste over the crackle mask on top of everything.

The picture is from a training magazine, and I have actually dared to cut out another 5.... so let's see when I reach that goal.

Before I glued the girl down on my page, with mod podge, I added a thin layer with gesso over the mists so that the girl would stand out more.

Doesn't this close up just makes you sooo happy?! :)

Or maybe this one?! :) I love the colors! :)

And as a final photo - this is the page now when I have reached this goal! :) With the staring date and the date when I reached the goal. Happy happy! :)

tisdag 10 december 2013

Dear Santa

I've been good this year, Santa! :)

Here are a few things that I would like to see wrapped up under the Christmas tree:

Two completely different TV shows - Glee season 4 and True Blood season 5

Hot pink Converse or White - Low chucks! :)

Experimental PaintingAcrylic Solutions

Two books about mixed media... the one on the right is higher up on the wish list.


My small gratin dish cracked a couple of months ago... I need a new on. These ones from Gerbera is cute. I would prefer a turquoise one, but there are so many pretty colors on them so any one is fine.  


A ski rack for my new car would be lovely, since I don't want to keep my snowy skis inside the car after a day in the slops.
Since I have started working out a lot (and loosing weight), I need new training clothes. A fun new problem. :)

And some other ideas for me, Santa: Good books, DVDs (the Host, Beautiful Creatures, Les Miserables, Pricilla), skorts, electric toothbrush and a "plastic tray" for the trunk of my car...

... oh, and a date... ;)


söndag 8 december 2013

All I want for Christmas

Hope you've had great weekend! :)

Here is another one of Christmas songs that the Glee cast has recorded. It's cute! :)

Glad andra advent till er alla!

onsdag 4 december 2013

Crop with the SWEScrapDT

A couple of weekends ago I was on a crop...

... with (half of) the amazing SweScrap Design Team.

It was so much fun, and the day was filled with laughter and creativity. :)

Hey, where did everyone go?!
Ah, it was time for lunch. Gerdas sandwitch - yummy! :)

Then back again to the craft table. I got a lot of things done, and we talked a lot as well.

Thanks for a lovely day, ladies! :)