måndag 30 september 2013

Stockholm City Scrap

I was at a crop yesterday - Stockholm City Scrap. :)

This is a crop that takes place in Stockholm City (doh! :)), twice a year. And this time they celebrated their 5th anniversary.

I went with my nice creative friend Stella, and it was so much fun chatting with her, shopping some very much needed scrap stuff :/ .... and doing some scrapbooking. :)

In the morning, I started creating on my piece of the table...

... but as the day went by, my scrap stuff started spreading. I don't know how? ;)

When the night came, people went home... and there were only a few of us left when Fia (the organizer) started packing up the tables. Do we need to go home now? :/

This crop was so much fun! :)

söndag 29 september 2013


This is a Pixar teaser trailer for you:

Sooo adorable! :)

tisdag 24 september 2013

Diamond crochet Iphone case

I felt the urge to do some crochet...

...and my Iphone needed something warm to snuggle up in for the winter.

So I made a case for it, using a pattern for a diamond hat. I found the link over at Kungen&Majkis blog, and she used two colors. That looked so good that I had to try it my self. :)

At first the pattern look really complicated, but with the help from a girl that showed the different steps with photos and a video tutorial I managed to crochet this after a couple of tries. :)

I picked my favorite colors, and I kind of like it. ;)

måndag 23 september 2013

Voting time! :)

Last week I handed in my contributions for Battle #3 in the European Scrap Battle.

And I would love to stay in the battle, so now I'm asking you to vote.

If you recognize my style, like it and give me you vote - Thank you! :) But all the contributions are so beautiful, so it might be hard to choose. 

söndag 22 september 2013

Evil minion

As you might have noticed - I think that the minions from "Despicable Me" are just adorable....

... so here is another one with a minion and an evil minion who loooves bananas. :)

Have a happy Sunday!

torsdag 19 september 2013

Sparkle - The European Scrap Battle #2

I love to play with color - especially pink, yellow and turquoise. :)

And that is what I've been doing on this Art Journal page. Happy happy happy! :)

This is my contribution to the European Scrap Battle - the Mixed Media chategory, Battle #2.  The challenge was to use a word that described how you feel about scrapbooking, and then create around that word.

I used the word "Sparkle" because I sparkle with happiness when I'm scrapbooking and being at crops and courses and hanging out with my scrapbook friends. :) And my heart sparkles and my creative confidence sparkle. :) Love it! :)

The backgrund is a piece of kitchen paper that I used to mop up color from pages, when I played with Dylusions mists. Sometimes I save them for this kind of use, but not all of them...

I added a brick wall in white modeling paste, and black rings with an empty toilet paper roll. White and black really makes the other colors pop.

I wanted a lot of sparkle on this page. So I used a jewrely bag, that I got from my sister in law, and filled that with sparkle (rhinestones and sequins). 

Love how natural and kind of organic the colors seam on the paper. Cool effect! :)

The super sparkling thing at the top right of the photo is Sparkling medium, bought at Skaparlusten, from Imaginations Crafts. That medium is so amazingly sparkling. :)

On the brick wall I used Modeling Paste from Liquitex. I love that it dries fast and hard. When everything was dry I did some doodling around the bricks to enhance them slightly.

At last, another happy close up. :)

At the top left part of the photo, you can see that I used a bubble sticker from Epiphany Craft and a flower pot decoration bought at the local dollar store, as decorations.

I got through to the next challenge with this Art Journal page. And tonight I finished the Mixed Media Project for Battle #3... Let the nail biting begin (again). :)

For Battle #2 it was 62 participants, 38 women sent in their Mixed Media projects and 32 went on to Battle #3. 

tisdag 17 september 2013

Méditatif - The European Scrap Battle #2

Today I'm showing you a calm layout, in earthy tones. Kind of unusual for me... but I love that about this hobby - that you can jump around among the different styles of scrapbooking. :)

In august of 2010, me and 4 friends drove down to La Rochelle on the west coast of France. We had a blast! :) Stayed at a great apartment right by the boardwalk, great weather, nice surroundings and interesting tourist spots,  nice (interesting) food and one of the things that I remember the most... the early morning work outs....

The photo is taken at the beach, an early morning before anyone els woke up, after a work out.  It was really meditative to stand there and watch the sea breathing in.... and breathing out.

I was very inspired by Finnabair when I started with this background. I just love the soft backgrounds that she makes on her layouts. I saw, or heard, somewhere that she uses tea to splash with on the background paper. That gives it a real soft and natural look. So I tried it. :) And it turned out just the way I wanted it. Then I stamped with brown acrylic paint and the bottom of two, different sized, tea cups.

I worked with patterned papers in layers. It was "patterned paper" stripes in the background paper to start with, and I wanted to enhance that and use them as parts of my layer-on-layer.

You can see a close up of on of the "Tea rings" and also that I added some gesso, to soften it a bit more. To give the layout a certain balance, I added the asterisks in the same font and color as the title on this side of the photo. The cute pink stitches also adds to the balance. :)

The wooden feather is a gift (or did I pay for them?) from a friend. Thank you, Hanna/Fnyz.

I also grunged up the photo some, with a hole punch and a pair of scissors.  

I am so in love with this paper. It is from Pink Paisle, and is called Portfolio (I think). The paper is already kind of grungy. Here you can see some natural splashes with the tea, and that I also splashed with Dylusions mists Calypso Teal.

I decorated with real shells, from the south of Sweden, mixed in with the ones on the photo.

At last a close up of all the loveliness on this LO. :) The real shells, the wooden feather, the gorgeous paper, the pink stitches, the brown tea rings and the blue letters. Yummy! :) 

This is my contribution to Battle #2 of the European Scrap Battle - the Layout category. We were supposed to find a word that described how we felt about scrapbooking, and then create something around that word.

64 talented women made it through to Battle #2 -> 62 made a layout -> 32 made it to Battle #3. I was one of them! :D ... even though I made it through due to a Walk Over. But I still made it! :D

söndag 15 september 2013

A light bulb

If you can't reach the high placed lamp to change a light bulb, get help...

... and have some fun along the way. :)

lördag 14 september 2013

DT crop

Right now we are having a crop with my DT friends at Scrap-Perra.

It has been a great day filled with laughter, creativity and planing for the rest of the year. :) It is so nice to get together like this, it builds a great team. Hugs to you all! :)

We are at Mia and Perras house in Sala. They move here during the summer and reopened the (physical) shop in july. It's a cosy house, and look at this beautiful art that Mia has made. Love it! :)  

fredag 13 september 2013

I made it! :)

I made it through to Battle #3 in The European Scrap Battle. :)

My LO got through due to walk over. And my Mixed Media page got enough votes. Thank you!!!! :) Now we're 32 talented women left in the battle, on each category. 

onsdag 11 september 2013

Crop with friends

A couple if years ago me and some friends used to have a crop once a month. Recently I have met those friends only twice a year. :/

But yesterday we got together again. It was so much fun to see each other, so there was a lot of talking and not so much got done. I have missed you! :) 

måndag 9 september 2013

It's time to vote - Battle #2

Last Friday I sent in my contribution to Battle #2...

... so now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will make it to Battle #3. Yeikes! :)

Go to the European scrap battle web page and post your vote.

söndag 8 september 2013

After ever after

There are so many talented people out there... and this guy especially.


He sings about what happened after all the "Ever after" in the Disney movies. Funny, a lot of work and a great voice.  :)

fredag 6 september 2013

Gästbok D&K

This summer, at the end of June, I was at a wedding down in the south of Sweden. It was two close friends that got married and it was a beautiful ceremony and a kick as party afterwards. :)

The bride-to-be ask me, very nicely i March, if I could make a guest book for the guests to write a small note to them in. Of course, I said! :)

This is the front...

.... and this is the back of it.

There were only plain white pages inside, where I marked a square for the photo, and I tied it together with twine.

The color theme for the wedding was white, yellow and blue - except for that I could do what I wanted. :)

For the front and the back, I used chipboard that I cut into A5 size. And since that was grey I put gesso on it. While the gesso was still wet, I added stripes of old book paper. Trying to get an image transfer. 

I had never tried an Image Transfer with gesso before, but it worked ok. Usually I use mod podge, but this worked fine.

I still wanted to tone it down slightly, so I did a white wash with gesso and water on top of everything.

When that was dry I added Modeling Paste through a TCW mask called Wedding ring (fittingly enough). :)

Then I let Liquitex acrylic ink and water, in blue and yellow, drip across the page. The first time I made an Oops!... since I didn't let the yellow ink dry completely before adding the blue ink. What do you think happened? Well, yeah... it turned green... The second time I let the ink dry... so then I got blue and yellow. Oops! :)

On top of all this ink, I added another layer of modeling paste. This time over the TCW mask - tripod. As a final touch I stamped with a heart stamp and did some doodling.

I decorated with mini roses, hearts cut out from book paper and lace - to give the guest book a more romantic feeling.

Eh, this is the inside of the book... kind of messy. But I made it messier and let it be like that. :)

The bride and groom was happy, so them I'm happy. :)

onsdag 4 september 2013


The fall is soon up on us, and the schools are beginning their fall semester. This is also the time of year when I buy a new calender.

  The colors are more "happy" in reality. 

I usually buy a calender where you can create your own front and back. I took a cardstock and some acrylic paints and went wild with it. :)

This is what my diary looked like last year... I haven't had the time to decorate my newly bought one.

This is the front...

... and the back.

As I said before, I used acrylic paint and some masks from The Crafters Workshop. When everything was dry I highlighted the shapes from the mask by outlining them with a black pen. I also stamped with some texture stamps and a toilet paper roll.

As a final touch I used some gesso with a piece of punchinella to make the small happy dots. :)

The front and back together. These are some of my favorite colors - pink, yellow and turquoise.

The ticker black circles are done with liquitex acrylic ink, that are more fluent then normal acrylic paint. So after painting the circles I tilted the paper slightly, letting the paint flow.

I used a left over piece as a front for my dads note book...

... and my niece really liked it, so she got a front...

... and back for her school calender. :)

Here you can see that there wasn't enough for the back of her calender, but I fixed that with a piece of cardstock. 

Between the mask shapes I used a mix of gesso and grey acrylic paint to even out the background slightly. I like that, when you use gesso and acrylic paint, it doesn't need to mix completely.

This is just a happy close up. Love it! :)

måndag 2 september 2013

Guest DT - Art for myself

Last week Siri contacted me on facebook and asked me if I wanted to be a Guest DT on the Art for myself blog.

Of cource I wanted to! :)

This is a blog that has different themes every month. And the purpose is to, at the end of the year, have an Art Journal about one self. 

Thanks for the opportunity! :)