söndag 24 november 2013

Beautiful song?

Have you ever been move to tears by a song?

I have a memory of the first time I was move to tears by the music at a musical... and that was "Kristina från Duvemåla" (a Swedish musical about people emigrating to America) in Gotheburg in the early nineties.

This cutie is so happy by his moms song, that the tears just keep falling. Adorable! :)

torsdag 21 november 2013

Kalender 2013

I bought a new calender this spring, and finally a couple of months ago I decorated the front and back of it.

It is not that many people that have the same hobby as me, or us, even if it feels like that in the blog world and on crops. ;) And because of that I think it is fun to show people that I meet, what I do when I'm beeing creative - by showing them my calender. And the calender makes me happy. :)

I started by adding Lumiere metallic acrylic paint over a mask from D.Downey.

Then I used a spatula and spread modeling paste over a leafy mask from TCW. :)

When everything was dry I stamped with an empty toilet paper roll and a pink Lumiere paint. They work great as a circular stamp. :) I also grunged the page up with two other stamps.

This is how the front and back ended up. Kind of cool, right? :) To frame the pages, I used a red ink pad along the edges. 

The blue/purple color is Distress paint that I dripped over the pages and misted water over, letting it run slightly.

So tadaa!! I have a calender that no one els have. :)

söndag 17 november 2013

Amira Willighagen

This is a clip from the tv-show Holland's got talent:

She is 9 years old. Amazing voice! Wow! :)

lördag 16 november 2013

Anders 50years

I don't to cards that often. So when I do, it feels much easier to start with a sketch, a lifeline to hold on to - kind of.

I was going to do a card to my brother who just turned 50. (!) And then I used a sketch that my DT friend Ulrika created for SweScrap.

I really liked the sketch, but I turned it up side down, and used a big 5 and 0 instead of a heart. So this is how it turned out....

 ....and this is how it looked at my first attempt... but it didn't feel like me. 

So I gave it a little Mixed Media twist. Much better! :)

I covered up the numbers with a baby wipe and misted the whole card with three different Dylusions mists, in the shade of green/teal.

Then I misted over three different masks, also from Dylusions in the same green/teal shade and also the white mist - White Linnen.

 Then the numbers didn't stand out as much, so I gave them a white outlining and some black scribble.

At first I also covered the numbers with crackle accents. In this close up you can see the crackles, and also that it is flowers in the numbers. Cute, right? :)

I wrote Happy Birthday with gesso, and did some scribble there as well. 

To finish it all up, I added little dots of stickles in some places. :)

tisdag 12 november 2013

Creative family

There is a lot of creative people in my family. And I love it! :)

My niece loves to be crafty. Here is an example of an earring that she made.

... and a close up. Nice! :)

This is a Christmas present from my nephew from a couple of years ago. He did it at school, and I think it's cute. :)

söndag 10 november 2013

The power of Photoshop

You can do a lot of things with a photo in Photoshop. But is everything for the better?

This is just crazy. She looks good as she is... but this is most likely what happens to all the fashion shots in the magazines.

lördag 9 november 2013

Follow the stream

In Sweden we have a music competition "Melodifestivalen" every year. The song that win in Sweden will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.  This yearone of the songs stood out among the others, with its calmness - Louise Hoffstens. She didn't win, and at first I didn't think about the song that much... but it grew on me, after listening to it a couple of more times... and the title was great...

... so I made an Art Journal with it. :)

Only the dead fish follow the stream - TRUE!

This page started as a Mop up page (as many of my pages do nowadays) with blue nuances of Distress Paint, Dylusions mist Vibrant Turquoise and Texture paste over a D. Downey mask.

I thought that it would work well with a water theme page. 

I wrote the title in white for a change, but I think it shows better against the blue background. Isn't the red crab cute? :)

I built a little scenery with different stamps from Dylusions. I stamped them on a water color paper, colored them with Faber Castell Big Brush Pens and cut them out.

This is Petunia, I think, sitting a the bottom of the sea with her cool glasses deciding to not follow any stream but her own.   

I stamped some of the stanps dirrectly on to the bakground, as well, to give the page some more depth.

I also wanted to make the background a little more grungy, so I used a bubble stamp from Youdo and a teal stamp pad on it.

I wanted to show you this on the page too, it was glitter on the mop up page, and it worked really wel with the watery theme. Love it! :)

onsdag 6 november 2013

Sassafras LOVE

A couple of  months ago I ordered the Big Box from Sassafras. They have stopped making their amazing papers and decorations, but now and then they have a big box sale...

...so that me and everyone how loves them, can get some more Sassafras goodies! :)

This is what I got in my box - Yummy!

Can't wait to start creating with it! :)

måndag 4 november 2013

The good things in life

Natalie Kalbach from Germany has been a huge inspiration for me ever since I found this world of Mixed Media. I've been to a couple of her workshops, when she has been in Sweden. And she's a blast to meet in person, as well. :)

This spring the DT at Swescrap did an inspirational piece from one of her Art Journal pages. This is my version of... 

... this page.

I just love it! :) Love the bold colors, her stencils that she designed (!) and the theme of the page. Thanks for the inspiration, Nat! :)

My page was almost a CASE, that's how much I love it. :)

I started out by covering the whole spread with white tissue paper and mod podge. Love the texture that it creates. :) Then I colored it with Distress Paints in three nuances of blue. I misted it with water before it was dry, letting the paint run across the page creating this under-water feeling.

I used the same stencils that Nat used, her own design. How great wouldn't that be - designing your own stencils?!

Over the stencil I misted with Liquitex Spray Paint in pink... that Nat uses a lot. They where great to work with, and are more permanent then other mists. 

When that was dry, I took another one of her stencils and used modeling paste over that one.  

I drew a curly pipe on a piece of watercolor paper, cut it out and then adheres it to the page. Happy pipe! :)

I borrowed the saying on her page as well, because it is so true. 

Look at all that lovely texture and layers with tissue paper, distress paints and spray paint. :)

A close up of "all the good things in life" that you should shower in. ;) Berrys, Mark Whalberg, avocado and work outs. 

söndag 3 november 2013

Cats vs Dogs

There has always been this talk about cats vs dogs. If your a dog person, or a cat person? I don't know which I am... I like them both.

Isn't this just adorable? :)

Have a great sunday!