måndag 27 maj 2013

Bachelorette party

I was at a bachelorette party last Saturday. It was a really fun day, and the bride-to-be was happy. :)

First we tried a new kind of activity for me - Casting with concrete. :) We used leafs from rhubarbs.... 

.... and ice cube trays, to cast in or on. 

It was really messy, and so much fun! :) 

We had the bachelorette party in the south of Sweden, so we need to wait till the wedding to see the result. Can't wait! :

söndag 26 maj 2013

Robin o Tre Kronor

This video, that I'm showing you today, is pure love!

Sorry for the video being so shaky. This was the one I found on youtube...

Love for music, Eurovision Song Contest, our competitor Robin Stjernberg and his song "You", Ice Hockey and the World Champions, our Swedish hockey team "Tre Kronor". Love this! :)

This clip is from this monday,  when the World Champions in Ice Hockey was celebrated by the Swedish people in the heart of Stockholm.

lördag 25 maj 2013


I did some doodling at work yesterday. A couple of worms, or something. :)

It is a technique I learned from a video on YouTube. There is so much inspiration to find at that great place. I tried it with watercolors as well, that I showed you here.

Next week I will show you when I played with this technique and neocolors. :) 

söndag 19 maj 2013

The Big Bang Theory

I love flash mobs! I think they are so fun! :)

Bazinga!!! :)

lördag 18 maj 2013


Here is an Art Journal that I created for the technical challenge over at the Swedish inspirational blog - SweScrap, a couple of weeks ago. The challenge was to use hexagons as the main thing on your Art Journal/layout.

The hexagon is kind of a new geometrical shape in the scrapbook world, and it has grown on me. I like it! :)

Look at all the layers on this. I love that! :)

The quote is from one of the Dylusions stamps, that I borrowed. Doesn't she look kind of bored? The girl and the rest of the cut outs are from a paper pad from Websters page, I think... 

I doodled some hexagones through a TCW mask. As this shape has grown on me, I have just started to love this mask. :) But mainly I use it for doodling instead of misting. I doodled with a black and and a white pen.

I found a wasi tape with a kind of old fashioned feeling to it, that I put on my page, and a wasi tape with notes on as well. 

The background for this page, is one that I did a long time ago. The technique didn't work as it should, and I didn't know what was wrong. But now I have learned some more, and I should have put gesso on the page first. I like how it turned out, anyway. 

This is the tutorial that inspired me to do this background, but as I said... It didn't work as it should. And the colors didn't end up as bright as the should do. I might need to try this again.:)

But the funny thing is, that even though the mists in the background is so colored out/bleached out. There is still enough color left to make the modeling paste pick it up and turn green. Those Dylusions mist is funny. :)

onsdag 15 maj 2013


Today on the Swedish inspirational blog, SweScrap, a card I made is being lifted. That means that one of the DT members will be inspired by my card and then make their own version of it. So honored. :)

Here's my card. It is happy card, cute and I used some Sassafras papers (that I love) on it. It's a birthday card for a one year old.

And Nilla, made a really cute card inspired by my card. And she also used a Sassafras paper in the background. Love it! :)

söndag 12 maj 2013

Dancing Nana

You will never be to old for dancing, feeling the rhythm and that you just can't stand still. :)

Isn't this sooo cute?

And here's another one. :)

This is how I want to be when I'm a grandmother. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

lördag 11 maj 2013

A shoe

I've found the perfect present for one of my girlfriends. :) A really beautiful shoe for keeping your jewelery on. She loooves shoes, in all styles and colors. Last year she got cufflinks in the shape of high-heel dress shoes, from another friend, and I knew that she would love this too. :) 

But there was a ugly fake glass diamond attached to it. :/

My thought was "I can make that look better" and so I ripped it off. :)

And here's the new look I gave it. Better?

I added some cheese cloth, a flower with a home made pebble, a couple of cute butterflies, some stickles and "beads on a straw".

Cute, right? :)

torsdag 9 maj 2013

25 years old

I don't want to admit that I'm getting older, the years are just passing by so fast.... When I had a party celebrating my 30thiest birthday, it said "Come celebrate the first anniversary of my 29th birthday!" on the invitation. :)

It is an old saying, that you shouldn't ask a woman about her age... but for me, I stopped counting. :) I stopped counting at 25, but that are a couple of years ago.... ;)

Usually I start with the background and a new technique, when I think of an Art Journal. But with this page, I started with the picture.

She is sitting in front of a purple background, and that made my choice of color easy. I used a plastic card to paint the background, just to get the paint really smooth and even. When that was dry I used a D.Downey mask, to create a classic wallpaper with medallions, and painted the inside of the mask (the contours) with a brush and Lumiere metallic acrylic paint. I created the pink, and the grey, dots with the back of the brush. It took a while, and you had to be careful not to take to much paint on the brush - but it turned out really cool.

To separate her from the background, and make her even more classic, I made a frame around her - making it like an old oil painting.... kind of. :)

As a final touch, I took some modeling paste on an other mask from D.Downey/Prima Marketing. I also doodled some with a black pen.

onsdag 8 maj 2013


Today I plan to show you a really sparkly Art Journal. :)

It is an Art Journal with a thought I'm having... What do you think? Do I need a man to put a sparkle on my life? Nooo, I can do that all by my self. But there's still the qusetion - Do I need a man? Probably, yes. ;)

I've been thinking for a while.... How do you attache glitter on your page, so it stays there? But then it hit me, I had seen Christy Tomlinson mix glitter with clear gesso. I needed to try that, and let me tell you - It worked great. :)

On this photo, you can also see how I layered the stencils on top of each other. This way I get two images/shapes at the same time. 

The page is actually a mop up page, that I used when I created another page in my Art Journal. First I used a lot of mists and water on that page, then I used this page to mop up the excess mists. And then I misted over some mask on the other page, and stamped with the same masks on this page using up all the excess mists on the masks. Hope you understand what I mean. :)

Doesn't it sparkle just lovely? :) Once I put the glitter+clear gesso layer down and that was dry, I just sat there... turning it in the light and looking happily on all the sparkles. Some might say, like a mad man. :) The people who sat next to me at the big Scrap & Pearl Event, a couple of weeks ago, might agree with me on that. :)

And another picture with lots of sparkles. Sparkles, sparkles, happy happy! :)

To make the guy stand out some, from the page (tihi :), I painted him with Distress Paints Picket Fence. But I had to be very gentle with my brush, otherwise I would smear everything together, since the Dylusions mist are very water soluble. I also doodle around him, with a black pen.

Some white rub ons finished the page.

söndag 5 maj 2013

Call dad

Have you ever thought of how it would feel to be on the million dollar question on "Who wants to be a millionaire"? Do you think you will be able to handle the pressure?

Any how.... this is a really coool way to handle it. :)

lördag 4 maj 2013

Optical art

A couple of months ago I found a link to an interesting video on facebook. It is about a really fun technique called "Optical art".

You start out by drawing a, slightly wavy, line across the page. This is you starting point. Then you start by making loops from this line. It will take a while, but I find it kind of meditative.

When you have filled the whole page with loops, you can really see "the worms" pop out of the page. Cool effect! :)

After that I used neo colors watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils to create this shadowy effect, and a lot of water....  

(The photo is taken after I work with Dylusions mist on the opposite side... and it got a little bit messy...)

Isn't it coool?! :)

And here is the video on youtube, so you can try it yourself. Enjoy! :)

fredag 3 maj 2013


För snart en månad sedan var jag på plats då Europas största Scrap & Pearl Event gick av stapel. Det var helt underbart, och jag är redan anmäld till nästa år. :)

Det känns som att det var många av er som jag känner, men då bara till ert nickname (eller ibland vanliga namn). Så jag knåpade ihop en liten namnskylt, så vet ni vem jag är. 

Jag tog en tag, i lagom storlek, och sprayade med några av den nya Dylusionsprayerna i Funky Fushia och Calypso Teal, samt den lite äldre Lemon Zest.

Sen ville jag skapa lite härlig struktur på tagen, så jag använde mig av Liquitex Texture gel - Glass beads. Den smetade jag ut över en mask från Prima. Gillar verkligen det vita mot dylusions starka färger...

... men Texture gelen torkar genomskinlig och det blir också riktigt läckert. :)

Jag klistrade fast några thickers, från scrapförrådet, och förstärkte med lite 3D-lack så att de verkligen skulle sitta fast. Som en sista touch sydde några korsstygn med twine, i färgen pool. :)

På baksidan satt jag fast en säkerhetsnål med tejp, (förhoppningsvis sitter den på hela helgen).

Här ser ni även baksidan av mina fina korsstygn, och min misslykade infärgning av tagen med Distress Paints.... men men...

onsdag 1 maj 2013

Högvördiga tallar

Ifjol höst knåpade min svåger ihop en dikt, med inspiration från när han var ute och sprang. Han la upp den på facebook, men fick inte så mkt respons. Jag gillade verkligen dikten och ville gör något mer av den, åt honom.  

Så jag skrev ut den och gjorde en canvas av den.

Först täckte jag canvasen med silkespapper, lite halvslarvigt och knöligt för att skapa mkt struktur på bakgrunden. När silkespappret hade torkat, duttade jag ut två färger + gesso på min palett (ett creme fraice-lock :), och använde fingret till att måla ut färgen över canvasen.

Jag ville att färgen ska blanda sig lite grann med den andra färgen och med gesson, men bara lite. :)

Efter att jag klistrat fast dikten, med Mod Podge, på canvasen så kladdade jag Modeling Paste genom en dollie mask, för att skapa ännu med struktur. Jag ramade även in "diktbitarna" slarvigt med en svart penna, och skitade ner canvasen lite med några stämplar.

Behöver jag berätta att min svåger blev glatt överraskad. :)