tisdag 28 januari 2014

Fun phenomena

This such a fun phenomena. :D

There is a Swedish company where you can buy roof tiles - Monier. I found out that you could get a sample tile for free...

... so I just had to try and order one, or maybe two. ;)

And here comes the funny phenomena - due to a Facebook group for crafters where someone came up with the idea to order a sample tile and create with it, they had to stop sending out those free samples.... but you can still come and get a sample tile at their factories. I might need to travel to one of these factories. ;)

söndag 26 januari 2014

Close your eyes

A beautiful song by Michael Bublé:

Remeber that you are one of a kind! And remember that you are wounderful! :)

torsdag 23 januari 2014

Donna Downey inspired

Donna Downey is one of my biggest inspirations... and I constantly learn from her and try to do something similar to what she does.

Today I want to show you an Art Journal that is inspired by this canvas that she made. I made it almost a year ago, for SweScrap, but now I'll show you. :)

I started out by covering the whole page with mists and a ton of different masks and stencils. Unfortunately I used mostly Dylusions mist.... do you know what will happen when you ad paint ontop of those mists? ... they color the paint.. oh, well I worked with that.

On top of this mess I drew three circles and stamped with a Donna Downey stamp - poppy.

Then I started adding paint around the circles and the flowers, and painting the flowers. This is when I first thought I was finished....

.... with the mists and masks showing through the circles...

... but then I wasn't so happy with it, so I added more layers of paint..... and some more... and with this I was finished. :)

But the blue dots with Dylusions After Midnight mist colored a lot of the background blue/purple ish. This was hard!

I covered the inside of the circles with gesso and more swirly paint. Now I'm more happy with them. :)

This is a close up of one of the flowers. The small dots really gave it that finished touch. I made them by dipping the end of my brush in paint, choosing different sized brushes.

These dots makes me sooo happy. Happy happy happy! :D

As I said, that Art Journal was made almost a year ago... and this one is one that I made at a live workshop with Donna Downey in October of 2013. (!!! :)) I got a lot of great tips, so I need to try to make a third version of the Art Journal above, from the start this time. Fun fun fun! :)

This is me with Donna in October. I can't believe that I met her, and got to see her live. A little bit star struck, but she is a great women filled with so much love for this hobby that she'll happily share.

I guess I neeed to take her 48 weeks long workshop...

tisdag 21 januari 2014


Two scrapbookers from the Netherlands are hosting a Scrap Tournament with 221 participants from 14 different countries - and I'm one of them!!! Sooo excited! :D


I found this in late November last year, but then I read the rules and it said that only 10 persons from each country could participate... so I thought, well I'm to late. But right before the registration closed, I saw that they were going to hand out wildcards. I had to give it a try, and I was the last one to register. And I got a WILDCARD! :)

The competitions will begin on the 7th of February - keep your fingers crossed for me!

söndag 19 januari 2014

Starships are meant to fly

A great song, by a cool girl -

- Nicky Minaj.

lördag 18 januari 2014

Love snow

The winter was a bit late in Sweden this season... it felt like it was fall all the way to last Saturday. 

But now, finally, we have snow on the ground. I just loooove snow. :D

I started this page by attaching aluminum foil over the entire page. It gives it a frosty cold feeling, and then I added a little bit of gesso on top.... but it didn't stick very well on the foil. But I made it work any way. ;) I also added a little bit of teal paint. I think that blue, sliver and teal are great winter colors. And of course - white.

I punched out holes around the edge, and crochet a fussy warm "sweater edge" around it. Like a knitted warm cosy sweater, for when it's cold outside. :)

Early in my scrapbook years, I realized that pearl maker in the color cremé works great as snow. Don't you think? :)

I also added some snowflakes in felt, that I found deep deep down in my scrapbook supply's. It feels great to use some of that old stuff that you still hoarder. ;)

This page is created for SweScrap, and a technical challenge where you had to use snowflakes, yarn/twine and pearl maker. A fun challange! :) 

torsdag 16 januari 2014

CHA 2014

Last weekend it was a big happening in California for crafters like me - the Craft and Hobby Association 2014!

I would love to go there sometime. :) But since I wasn't there this time... I go through Youtube, and often Noell Hymans youtube channel, to find demos from my favorite girls when it comes to crafting and inspiration. :)

First, I neeeed to show you this video with Dyan Reavely. Love the colors of her new mists... but I'm also thinking: What are the difference from her earlier colors? Need to get me some of the masks and stamps. :) And did you see when she adds white mists onto her Ink Spray Pad - soooo coool! I need to try that.


Ranger Ink has a new signature designer - Dina Wakely. So excited for her, since I love what she creates. And she got to do a Mixed Media Line of yummy products...

... so I needed to show you one more video where she shows how she makes her layered backgrounds. I love that! :)  

Here is a video with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer at the Crafters Workshops booth. She designs mask and stencils (I'll never know the difference...) for them. And she also creates amazing Art Journals. In this video she shows us how she creates a background with acrylic paint and masks. Happy happy happy! :)

And then there is always the one and only - Tim Holtz. :) Ranger comes with a lot of new releases... what I mostly think I need to get is the new alcohol inks (I would love to play with them again) and the new round mini distress ink tool (will work lovely with inks and paints on stencils).

And one final video... Wendy Vecchi designs Rangers Acrylic ink pad. In this video she plays with the re-inkers for those ink pads, Gold Metallic Mixative, special stamping paper and rubbin' alcohol (what is that in Swedish?). Will this technique work with alcohol inks? Need to try that. :)

tisdag 14 januari 2014

New Years Resolution

This year will be a great one! :)

I see a lot of fun stuff happening in the near future... and to get me there I have set up a couple of goals for myself... or if you would like to call them - New Years Resolutions.

Created for Scrap-Perra.

I made an Art Journal page with my resolutions... one of them are to continue on my path to a healthier life. I know, not an unusual resolution at this time of the year. But I started on this path in july, and I intend to continue on it... since I haven't reached my goal jet.

I wrote them down on a tag, and put the tag in a pocket from SNAP. I just love these pockets... they come in happy colors and they are very versatile. 

This page started as a mop up page, as one of many... but I have learned to control my mop up pages now, so that they don't get to messy... if that is possible. ;)

I have worked with modeling paste over a TCW mask - Wedding ring, and then I added Lumiere acrylic paint in three different colors over three different masks.

The letters a old ones from Sassafras Lass, that I covered with 3D accent.... and some doodling. 

As decorations I added yellow snowflakes, that I made myself with fusible beads. :)

What are your goals for this year?

söndag 12 januari 2014

Wedding flash mob

When (If) I get married....

... I would love for my friends to do something like this. :)

söndag 5 januari 2014

the Farmer

Have you heard about Ylvis, from Norway, who sings about "what the fox says"?

Have you ever wondered "what the farmer says"? :)

lördag 4 januari 2014

New project

I've started on a new project.

I'm going to knitt myself a "fishermans sweater". :) 

I have chosen a great luxuries yarn - Alpaca, quite expensive, but the sweater will be so soft and warm. And I'll be wearing it while at sail trips, that's my plan. :) 

torsdag 2 januari 2014

Rubber bands

I have found a new fun crafting tool. :)

My niece got this when she was in the US. 

It's kind of a mix between a weave and crochet... with rubber bands. :) 

There are several patterns that you can make. 

I wanted to try it. Fun fun fun! :) 

I did one after the fishtail pattern. 

I made three braclets, and I got the pink and blue one from my niece at Christmas. :)

Love all the colors that you can choose from! :)