söndag 30 mars 2014

Blowing your nose

The weekend is soon over...

... need a little (snorty) laugh?

Ti hi :)

tisdag 25 mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl 2014 - Sunday 16th

So let me tell you about the third day of this years Scrap & Pearl Event - Sunday the 16th of March.

It was a lovely sunny day in Stockholm... but for a couple of reasons I decided to step inside...

...and here is one of them. :) A huge room filed with nearly 1000 happy people, bursting with creativity, and 18 stores to shop from.

Doesn't these colors make you more happy then a ray of sunshine?

... or maybe these?

Yummy! :)

Isn't this top hat just amazing!? It would fit on the head of Johnny Depp in "Alice in Wonderland". I found it at Skaparlusten - WOW! :)

Look at this adorable display at SirapiParis booth.

Papers from Sodaliciuos at SirapiParis.

Happiness on a table! :)

And another great reason: Meeting lovely friends - this is Malin at SirapiParis. It was sooo much fun to meet you! :)

Need more reasons? ;)

True words!

I caught a selfie (and a hug) from Sofia as well. :) Thanks for making this happen!!!

Some lovely bead work from a neighbor at the craft table. Amazing, right?!

Mini Distress Ink pads cute as candy.
Inspiring layers of Mixed Media on a friends project. 

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

...oh, I did do some crafting as well. Just so you know that I didn't run around all day, drooling over yummy products. ;)

And I worked some as well... helping Scrap-Perra with the challenges, and helping out answering questions in the shop. Fun! :)

Thank you so much, all of you that made my weekend so great! Hope to meet you next year again. :)

söndag 23 mars 2014

Computer power

One of the reasons for me to change my life into a more healthier one is to become who I am. I want to look the way I feel on the inside... and now, 6 months into it, I'm starting to. :)

I wasn't pleased with my body... and everywhere I was stuffed with images/commercials/magazines of skinny "perfect" (models) women. Then a video like this one can put a light on that problem. Look at how much they can change with some work on a computer!

lördag 22 mars 2014


When I was at Stockholm Scrap & Pearl last weekend I bought a lot of nice papers from a friend Malin and her store SirapiParis.

She had brought home pattern papers from the Polish web shop Sodalicious. I have been following their blog for a couple of years, and now to finally be able to create with their pattern papers - WOW! :) I'm sooo happy!

I created a layout about my niece with one of their pattern papers as a background...

... and inspired by this sketch - the March Sketch Challenge at the Sodalicious blog. :)

I started out by making a sketchy rectangle with yellow acrylic paint, gesso and a brayer. Then I picked up hot pink thread and my needle and made some stitches to enhance the corners of the rectangle.  

I used some scrap papers in a happy color combination, together with some bling and wood veneers as decorations.

I borrowed this photo from my niece, on facebook, 'cause I just love the photo.. and my niece is fabulous! :)

I think that the fact that the paper has a lot of bicycles on it and I decorated with a wood veneer in the shape of a bicycle only adds to the coolness of the photo... it doesn't have to have a purpose... Love it! :)

söndag 16 mars 2014

Dancing joy!

Let's make this Sunday a fun one too, like last Sunday.

Don't you feel like dancing just for the joy of it? Even if you are at a dance show, and you're on stage performing with your friends? :)

Get up and dance!

lördag 15 mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl - Saturday 15th

The second day of the Scrap & Pearl Event started with a windy morning.

The sun was shining, but it was really biting cold and it had come a little bit of snow slush during the night before.

Today I was joined by a couple of close scrap friends of mine - Stella and Carina. We had so much fun laughing, creating, chatting, talking, shopping, laughing, talking about training, shopping and laughing. Big hugs to you both! :D

I kind of like this view of a scrap table... looking at creativity from above. :)

This is where I have spent my day, with the purple table cloth... when I wasn't shopping, working or running around talking to all the creative people.
I have worked in the shop for Scrap-Perra on and off during the day... helping out with different questions, hosting the sketch challenge and being on call during the workshops. 

An overview picture with lots of color and happiness. :)

This has been a day filled with laughter and creative friends. :) I'm so happy to have met you in this hobby of ours. This is Meri, the girl that I took a Scrapbook for beginners workshop with in the spring of 2008 - 6 years ago (!).

Can't wait til tomorrow! Nighty night... ZZZzzzzzzz

fredag 14 mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl - Friday 14th

The first day of this years Scrap&Pearl event is over... and I'm tired and happy. :)

Let you tell me about my day:

It started early in the morning...

... when I arrived at Globen/Annexet to help Scrap-Perra build up their store. There were a few boxes to unpack... ;)

... and the tables were empty. *in the eye of the storm, it is calm*

Scrap-Perra has got a new color theme for their store/webshop and blog... and new sweaters. :) Love the color!

Nice, right? :)

*busy, busy doing nothing a all* ;)

Time for lunch... at "the Golden seagull".

15 minutes before the doors are opening, and it's a bit busy with the finishing touches.

The store is ready, and looks goooood. Yummy! :)

A lot of people came and joined us.

... an overview shot.

A lot of taxi cabs were waiting outside at closing time, like at a concert... I just wonder how many of the scrapbookers took a cab.

Have a good nights sleep! :) See you tomorrow.

söndag 9 mars 2014

Shake your Tail Feathers!

Starting this Sunday with a dance!

Come on and shake you tail feathers! Have a great day! :)

tisdag 4 mars 2014

Card to a colleague

It is not that often that I make cards, but when a friend, and a colleague at work, moved on to a new job... I made her one.

I think it is more fun to give a card to someone that I know will appreciate it. And she liked it a lot. :)

 This is the card that she got - Pink and Mixed Media = Happy! :)
Bild lånad av SweScrap.

The card is inspired by a sketch from HannaHoj on the SweScrap blog.

I created the background by first misting with Funky Fushia Dylusions mist over a Prima/D.Downey mask.

Then I added Liquitex Ceramic Stuco over a TCW mask with leafs. I wanted to work with the characteristics of the Dylusions mist. Even if it is dry, it will react with the medium that I put on top of it.

... and it turned out pretty cool, right? :) The Ceramic Stuco made the mist more pink, but it is not that visible since the Ceramic Stuco dries almost clear. I like that.    

Inspired by the sketch I wanted to have a frame and some flags. I cut out a frame from yellow cardstock... I think it is a little bit funny to interpret the sketch with a frame instead of with different layers of paper, that I would normally do. :)

The flags are made out of washi tape... hanging from the frame. 

Since I know that my colleague love owls... I added some owls on the card. Cute! :)

måndag 3 mars 2014

Vampyre knitting

A friend of mine brought me a book...

... about knitting and vampires. Me being a Twilight fan, who occasionally knit - She knows me quite well. :)

This book was soo much fun to flip through... the writer must have had a big bucket of humor creating this. :)

You could for example knit "A Sweater with a bite - for him" (directly translated... maybe more correctly translated "A Sweater with a sting"... but that wouldn't be so vampiery, right? ;)

One of the things that I actually could think myself knitting is this - "A mini cape for frozen vampire hearts".

The description reads: "The modern vampire girls doesn't need to hide under long bulky cloaks. This neat cape with a hood and cute hearts fits her so much better".

Isn't it cute? :)

This is just funny - A pulse protector. "When a girl of today dates an ancient vampire it is probably for the best that she covers her arteries. These wrist- and neck warmers will serve as a good protection when she is alone with her vampire boyfriend. So he isn't tempted to take a sip of her blood.

*hilarious and cute* :D