onsdag 26 februari 2014

Scrap-Perra Cyber Crop

Do you know that Scrap-Perra is having a CyberCrop right now?

Hop on over to the forum and read about all the fun challenges that we have for you. :)

And while you're there... Check out the new design on the blog! I love the colors - white and turquoise. Clean and happy! :) 

måndag 24 februari 2014

New blog header

Have you noticed that I have a new happy colorful header on the blog? *frantically pointing up*

What do you think? Like it? :D

söndag 23 februari 2014


In August 2013, for some reason, I found the strength to change my life.

Since then I have lived a healthier life, working out more and lost about 24 pounds.

This is one of my motivations - my Personal Trainer.

lördag 22 februari 2014


Today I wanted to show you a version of doodling...

... something I'd like to call Mandala flowers, kind of...

I was inspired by Alica Burk, an amazing artist that loves to doodle in her sketch book. 

I'm working in my mini Dylusions journal. :) I just picked up a black pen and started doodling.  Don't you think it looks kind of cool with the 3D effect on the flowers? And as usual I'm working in a visual triangle. 

I wanted to have som color on the flowers... so I dabbed with a light pink - Cotton Candy Distress Paint, misted with water and then I let the paint flow across the page.

I didn't mind that the dabbing marks stayed. They are there because I hadn't primed the page with gesso first, the page had to much tooth in it... but since I covered the page with acrylic paint and gesso after the Distress Paint they disappeared.

When everything was dry, I did some splatter with three different Dylusions mists over the page.. by taking the lid off and hitting the riser on a pencil. Yummy colors, right?

A close up off one of the flowers. :)

torsdag 20 februari 2014

Working out

In December last year we scrap lifted on of the girls from the Design Team over on SWEScrap.


This is my version....

...of AnnaEs double layout.

I like all the pattern paper squares and photos. That she manages to get so many photos on one layout, without making it look too much.

I also love the circles on Anna layout... so I lifted that as well. :) I added three different colors of Distress Ink pad (Broken China, Worn Lipstick and Spiced Marmalade) over a polka dot mask. I also added some enamel dots, rhinestones and pebbles. Cute! :)

The layout is about a vacation in 2010 with some of my friends. We filled a car with happy people and drove down to La Rochelle in France. :) We spent a week there, and I really love that cute little town. Every morning me and Laura went out running and working out. It was so great to see the town waking up in the morning, and it was a great start to the day.

I just need to add another photo, cause this makes me sooo happy! :) Yummy colors and circles! :)

tisdag 18 februari 2014

Nails for Sweden

I was so inspired by the winner ceremony yesterday, at the Winter Olympic Games in Sotji, when the Swedish guys got their gold medals.... and the national anthem...

... so I painted my nails. :) We now have 9 medals - 2 bronze medals, 5 silver and 2 GOLD, in Sweden. All of them are in cross country skiing. Wow!!! 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping we will get some more. 

söndag 16 februari 2014

Single ladies

Since this weekend is the all time love weekend of the year... 

... I wanted to show you this video - Beyonce - Single Ladies.

This is just so adorable! :)

I would love to do this performance as a surprise at a party or something... have the dance moves like Beyonce. ;)

Here's another version with Kurt Hummel from Glee.

lördag 15 februari 2014


This is my take on the second challenge of the Supreme Scrap Tournament that is going on right now. :)

The rules: Make a monochromatic colour layout
1. Pages
: 2 pages Layout (double page!)
2. Theme:
You can choose your own theme
3. Colour LO:
The monochromatic color scheme you use is up to you
4. How many Photos
: Minimum of 1 photo
5. Photos:
-One photo must be partly on the left and partly on the right page.
-One photo needs to be black and white.
6. Not to be used:
-You are restricted from using black anywhere on the layout including, ink, paint, pen lines, journaling or any other elements. 
- There is not to be black on the page with the exception of your black and white photo(s).
- You can not use brown to antique elements unless brown is the colour you choose for your monochromatic colour scheme.

7. Materials you may use
:   embellishments, ink, media stuff, everything that you want in the monochromatic colour.
3. Do I need to use 30x30cm pages?
No you don't. Size is free as long you make two pages.

I decided to do a double layout in the size of 2 times 6x12 inch. I have done some layouts in the size of 6x12 inch before. It was really popular a couple of years ago, and I also have page protectors in that size so this was a great opportunity to use them. :)

First I choose a black and white photo (of my mother and her sister in 1946), then I thought of which color to use... hmmm... PINK! :) So I gathered a lot of pink mediums that I have.

Then I started playing....

I started by adding UTEE with a stamp from D.Downey... but the image isn't that visible. It turned out pretty cool any way, creating yummy texture on the backgrounds.

I did splashes with Alcohol Ink in the color Raspberry. Love how different the color turned out depending on where it landed, on the cardstock or on the UTEE. :) Stamped with Distress Ink pads Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry together with stamps from Prima/Finnabair and Kaisercraft. Making the pages more grungy. :) 

This is a close up of the next splashes I did, with Distress Stains in Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry. Love how it turned out. :)

If you look at some of my other layouts, I love to do some scribble with a black pen. But since I couldn't use black on this, I did my scribble with a pink neon pen instead. 

Over the UTEE I mixed modeling paste with two small drops of pink Acrylic ink and smeared that over my favorite polka dot mask from TCW. 

Wanted to show you the color of the modeling paste on a different surface.  It is pink! It's just hard to show on photo... on a pink cardstock. :) 

Love this close up with all the different shades of pink - in splashes, embroidery, mediums, stamps and pattern paper. :D

måndag 10 februari 2014

Crop with Scrap-Perra

Last Saturday I was at a crop with Scrap-Perra in Saladamm. :)

I was there quite early. They had made their guest house into a house of creativity. :) Sooo nice!

... and soon it was filed with creative ladies - laughing, talking, chatting, shopping and creating.

It is so much fun to meet in really life. In the middle here is my nice DT-friend Dilorf. I had a blast!

Besides all the chatting, talking, laughing and skiathlon on TV I actually got a couple of layouts done. I'm pleased with that, since sometimes I get home from a crop filed with happiness but with nothing to show for it. This time I got both. :)

I just needed to show you this yummy plate of cup cakes that we got to dig into. The frosting is made by Scrap-Perras children. Yum! :)

söndag 9 februari 2014

The Games

The winter Olympic Games in Sotji, Russia, started last Friday. Sweden has already won two silver medals in skiathlon. :)

But there is another thing than the athletes and the competitions that has been up for discussion...

The Games have always been a little gay.

Let's fight to keep them that way.

fredag 7 februari 2014

It takes just one step

This is my contribution to the first challenge in the Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014.

The rules:  
Make a double layout that shows where your live. 
For example you could use photos of your favorite tree, bus stop, 
house - as long it is within 1000 steps of your home!

- You can not use any spray inks.
- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project.
- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words.

Here is a closer look of the left page...

... and the right page. :)

I really love this yellow checkered paper from Sassafras Lass, but I wanted to make it less busy. So I made a frame of post its and smeared gesso, with a brayer, inside that frame. Before the gesso was dry I used a texture comb to make waves. On that I dropped some pink acrylic ink, and created some more texture with the comb. 

This is the finished background.

Can you see why it is hard for me to do a double layout?! There's not enough room on my scrap table. ;)

I used the comb to remove some of the gesso so the paper underneath would show through. Here you can see the difference of the waves... on the top where it is without acrylic ink, and to the right the waves are with the acrylic ink. Kind of cool, right? :)

Over this I created a starting point for my photos by adding modeling paste over a leaf mask from TCW, and teal acrylic paint over a polka dot mask - two of my favorite masks. Notice how I kind of mirrored these bases on each page. That gives the double layout the balance that I like.

I love layers on layers - Sassafrass paper, teal paint, modeling paste leaf, dollie, patterned paper, photo, attachers, stars. Happy happy happy! :)

The double layout is about my journey toward a more healthier lifestyle. It will take a lot of steps to reach my destination, but I'm already half way there... and I'm still walking in a steady pace towards it. 

It is not easy, not at all... some days are harder than others. But I have learned to love working out, and I can't get enough of it. Really? - ask my friends! :)

And yes, it is SOOO worth it already.

I'm sharing my happiness and inspiration and energy of working out with friends, family and colleagues - and I get it tenfold back. Definitely sooo worth it.  :)

This is where I live! ...hihi... ;)

tisdag 4 februari 2014

Liquitex Paint Markers

Happy happy happy! :)

Look what I found at a store - Liquitex Paint Markers! :) 

I have wanted to try them ever since I saw D. Downey use them in an "Inspiration Wednesday". Now I can! ;) 

söndag 2 februari 2014

Emotional Shadows

This is from the Semi Finals in Britain's got talent - Attractions.

This is so beautiful, so just enjoy!

lördag 1 februari 2014

My sisters calender

It's a new year, and as usual at this time of the year my sister needs a new calender.

So I bought a calender that has plastic folders as covers, then I could make my own version of the front- and backpage. She got this for Christmas. :)

I started by cutting two pieces of ligtly patterned paper into the right size. Then I added a small dollie mask from TCW and misted over it with a blue Dylusions mist.

I know that this mist reacts with whatever medium you add on top of it... so I worked with that effect and added texture paste over another mask, on top of the mist. The texture paste turns light blue, and that creates a soft feeling when you create texture but in similar shades of color.

This is how the two pages turned out. Happy colors in teal, pink and yellow. :) An black as a "pop up" color. My sister liked it. :)

I have worked with different embossingpowders. The pink, yellow and black is "regular" embossingpowder with stamps from "Gummiapan" and Technique Tuseday.  :)

The white and the fold is embossing enamel from Stampendous. I just sprinkled it over the two pages, and that creates sucha cool effect - almost like a frosty golden, kind of effect. :)

On this close up you can also see the lovely texture of the light blue texture paste. Happy happy happy! :)

This close up makes me even more happy! :)