söndagen den 13:e april 2014

First kiss

This is a movie about the first kiss between two people that has just met.

Isn't it great to see the difference of how they act around each other before and after the kiss? :)

I miss kissing someone for the first time...

lördagen den 12:e april 2014

5 more kilos

Do you remember this Art Journal page from a couple of months ago?

Well.... I have reached another part time goal - I have lost five more kilos. Happy! :)

I like making these motivations pages.... and it is with motivation that I get through my challenges.

On the background I used a technique that Dyan Reavely shows in this video. She is soo funny and good at what she do... I would love to attend one of her classes. :)

The technique basically is about using the Dylusions inks without misting with them. You screw of the "misting lid" and draw with the riser on your page, picking up more color as you go.

She shows two versions of the technique in the video. One where she first mists water on the page, do the drawing, and then mist more water. That gives it a brighter feeling.

I used the second version, where I first mist with the White Linnen mist, then draw, and then mist with the white mist again. This gives it a more pastel look, softer. I like it! :)

I then wanted to add some white to my page, so I added some Liquitex Modleing Paste over a TCW mask. When that was dry I splattered yellow acrylic ink over the page and let it run. 

I use the same "number five" on all of these motivational pages... from my gyms own magazine,  giving it kind of a connection to all my working out time.

The name of the gym is SATS, so the title is a little play with that name... giving the Swedish word for "Go for it". 

A yummy bonus photo! :)

onsdagen den 9:e april 2014

Beautiful captured wildness

The Art Journal challenge #48 at the Sodalicious blog is all about creating around the word: WILDNESS.

This is my contribution to that challenge. :) I used a photo of dewy spider web on a fence - Beautiful Captured Wildness.

I played with Liquitex Paint Markers in an Art Journal album from Sodalicious - it came out soo coool! :)

I have seen Donna Downey use this technique with this kind of markers. I didn't draw with them. I stomp them against the paper letting the paint out, and when there is enough paint I do a big stomp to make that happy splatter effect. :)

I do each color separately, letting them dry before I use the next color.

Isn't this soooo cooool?! Love it! :)

I have never used an actual photo on any of my Art Journals before... but for some reason I thought of this photo when I saw the theme of this challenge.

Usually I use a cut out from a magazine, or something like that, but this worked for me. Even though it kind of look like a small version of a double layout...

Dewy spider web can be so beautiful, when you can see all the little strings that the spider weaved. I took this photo an early morning going to work.

To give balance to the page I wanted to have big bold black letters, so I used mistable letters from Heidi Swapp and Dylusions mist Black marble. I hand wrote the other words in italics to give a big contrast to the bold letters.

I also added some ribbon that was laying on my scrap table, and some twine that I let run wildly across the page. 

To finish the page off, I did some doodling - three circles in clusters.

*Happy happy happy* :)

söndagen den 6:e april 2014


Need a new hobby?

Start learning to do this... and sing brilliantly at the same time. :)

lördagen den 5:e april 2014

The sweet life

Pyssloteket is having a challenge where you should create around the word "Spring". Spring is starting to join us outside, it's sunny and it's getting warmer - Love it! :)

I choose a photo that I took last spring when me and my niece did our nails, with an idea that she had heard about from a friend. And of course a yummy ice cream! :)

I did a lot of embroidery on my layout - like the cosy home made feeling it gives.  

Among my scrapbook stash I have a lot of stickers... that I randomly use, but it was some time ago. For this layout I picked out a lot of word stickers that represent spring for me, and sprinkled them across the layout. 

I was thinking of showing you the back of my layout as well, with all the left over thread, so here you go. Sometimes when I like both sides of a pattern paper I cut out a piece of it behind the photo - to save for my next project. :)

I also write on the back of all my layouts, when I created it and when the photo was taken and of what. Usually I don't have any journaling on my layouts, I find it hard to add it on them for some reason, but this is a way for me to keep track of that info in a different kind of way. 

Spring for me is a bright feeling, and I wanted to show that by picking a bright happy pattern paper - this one is from Sassafras Lass.

But to make it a little bit more grungy, I added teal paint through a Finnabair Prima mask and stamped with black ink and a texture stamp.

söndagen den 30:e mars 2014

Blowing your nose

The weekend is soon over...

... need a little (snorty) laugh?

Ti hi :)

tisdagen den 25:e mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl 2014 - Sunday 16th

So let me tell you about the third day of this years Scrap & Pearl Event - Sunday the 16th of March.

It was a lovely sunny day in Stockholm... but for a couple of reasons I decided to step inside...

...and here is one of them. :) A huge room filed with nearly 1000 happy people, bursting with creativity, and 18 stores to shop from.

Doesn't these colors make you more happy then a ray of sunshine?

... or maybe these?

Yummy! :)

Isn't this top hat just amazing!? It would fit on the head of Johnny Depp in "Alice in Wonderland". I found it at Skaparlusten - WOW! :)

Look at this adorable display at SirapiParis booth.

Papers from Sodaliciuos at SirapiParis.

Happiness on a table! :)

And another great reason: Meeting lovely friends - this is Malin at SirapiParis. It was sooo much fun to meet you! :)

Need more reasons? ;)

True words!

I caught a selfie (and a hug) from Sofia as well. :) Thanks for making this happen!!!

Some lovely bead work from a neighbor at the craft table. Amazing, right?!

Mini Distress Ink pads cute as candy.
Inspiring layers of Mixed Media on a friends project. 

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

...oh, I did do some crafting as well. Just so you know that I didn't run around all day, drooling over yummy products. ;)

And I worked some as well... helping Scrap-Perra with the challenges, and helping out answering questions in the shop. Fun! :)

Thank you so much, all of you that made my weekend so great! Hope to meet you next year again. :)

söndagen den 23:e mars 2014

Computer power

One of the reasons for me to change my life into a more healthier one is to become who I am. I want to look the way I feel on the inside... and now, 6 months into it, I'm starting to. :)

I wasn't pleased with my body... and everywhere I was stuffed with images/commercials/magazines of skinny "perfect" (models) women. Then a video like this one can put a light on that problem. Look at how much they can change with some work on a computer!