måndag 4 maj 2015

45 möh

Good morning! :D

To reach your goals, you need to challenge your fears and climb up high! 

In the summer of 2013 I joined the crew of the Swedish Ship Götheborg for two weeks, on the first leg of the Tall Ship Race in the Baltic sea. An amazing experience! :)

This is my inspiration, a scraplift challenge over on the Sodalicious blog.

I was inspired by the black lines and the black square, the torn up book paper in the corners, the orange photo underlay combined with the blue circles. :) Oooo... and also the numbers. A lot of inspiration.  

First I added  some tissue paper with text on, on the corners of a Sodaliciuos paper, with mod podge.

Then I added some orange and yellow paint with Liquitex Acrylic Markers in a square where I wanted the photo... and some on the corners as well, to give the layout balance. 

There are a lot of lines on the photo, with all the ropes from the sails... I used a ruler to draw those ropes out from the photo, continuing onto the paper. This gives a depth to the whole layout, I think. :)

I also doodled some squares on and around the photo. 

I decorated with wooden like thickers, some rope twine and blue brads - to keep the nautical feeling.

Have a great day! :D

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