torsdag 19 april 2012

With every sunset...

...there is a new beginning.

I'm continuing exploring the world of art jornaling. And I really enjoy it! :)

I found a video on youtube, where Dyan Reavely is playing around with her own mists: Dylusions Inks (which I need to buy some of :). She was so inspiring that I had to run to my mists and try it out. :)

The technique that I used is something that I think I've tried at kindergarden, but kind of forgot about - until now.

I sprayed some water on a page, and then some mists in different colors on the same page. Then I closed the book and put some pressure on it. To open the book is like a big surprise. :) You can never make a second version of that page, it's unique every time. So much fun! :)

I sprayed mist over a mask, and then flipped the mask over and stamped with it when the excessive mist was still wet. That creates a great affect, with both the positive and negative image of the mask. You can see it in green and orange.

I used a black ink pad and some gesso and stamp on some places on the pages, to put some more texture on it. To make layers on top of layers looks great, even though they are created with mist and ink (instead of paper). 


The title is a quote that I heard some time ago. I think it is a great quote - if it has been a hard day, tomorrow will be better. You can also look at it like you get a fresh start at the beginning of a new day. Remeber that!

The Swedish shop, Scrapgalen, has a challenge this month to create an Art Journal. It had to be bold, fun and colorful. So this is what I created, my contribution to the challenge! :)

I don't know why this blog post came out in English, maybe because I've read some papers at work (in English) and watched a lot of videos on youtube....  Hope that it is ok?

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  1. men nuuu du har kusin din skaffa facebook å ;-)

  2. Jätteläckert! Härligt mönster och kul effekter! Skoj att du är med och tävlar hos oss på Scrapgalen! /DT Ulrika