torsdag 21 november 2013

Kalender 2013

I bought a new calender this spring, and finally a couple of months ago I decorated the front and back of it.

It is not that many people that have the same hobby as me, or us, even if it feels like that in the blog world and on crops. ;) And because of that I think it is fun to show people that I meet, what I do when I'm beeing creative - by showing them my calender. And the calender makes me happy. :)

I started by adding Lumiere metallic acrylic paint over a mask from D.Downey.

Then I used a spatula and spread modeling paste over a leafy mask from TCW. :)

When everything was dry I stamped with an empty toilet paper roll and a pink Lumiere paint. They work great as a circular stamp. :) I also grunged the page up with two other stamps.

This is how the front and back ended up. Kind of cool, right? :) To frame the pages, I used a red ink pad along the edges. 

The blue/purple color is Distress paint that I dripped over the pages and misted water over, letting it run slightly.

So tadaa!! I have a calender that no one els have. :)

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