torsdag 23 januari 2014

Donna Downey inspired

Donna Downey is one of my biggest inspirations... and I constantly learn from her and try to do something similar to what she does.

Today I want to show you an Art Journal that is inspired by this canvas that she made. I made it almost a year ago, for SweScrap, but now I'll show you. :)

I started out by covering the whole page with mists and a ton of different masks and stencils. Unfortunately I used mostly Dylusions mist.... do you know what will happen when you ad paint ontop of those mists? ... they color the paint.. oh, well I worked with that.

On top of this mess I drew three circles and stamped with a Donna Downey stamp - poppy.

Then I started adding paint around the circles and the flowers, and painting the flowers. This is when I first thought I was finished....

.... with the mists and masks showing through the circles...

... but then I wasn't so happy with it, so I added more layers of paint..... and some more... and with this I was finished. :)

But the blue dots with Dylusions After Midnight mist colored a lot of the background blue/purple ish. This was hard!

I covered the inside of the circles with gesso and more swirly paint. Now I'm more happy with them. :)

This is a close up of one of the flowers. The small dots really gave it that finished touch. I made them by dipping the end of my brush in paint, choosing different sized brushes.

These dots makes me sooo happy. Happy happy happy! :D

As I said, that Art Journal was made almost a year ago... and this one is one that I made at a live workshop with Donna Downey in October of 2013. (!!! :)) I got a lot of great tips, so I need to try to make a third version of the Art Journal above, from the start this time. Fun fun fun! :)

This is me with Donna in October. I can't believe that I met her, and got to see her live. A little bit star struck, but she is a great women filled with so much love for this hobby that she'll happily share.

I guess I neeed to take her 48 weeks long workshop...

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