lördag 18 januari 2014

Love snow

The winter was a bit late in Sweden this season... it felt like it was fall all the way to last Saturday. 

But now, finally, we have snow on the ground. I just loooove snow. :D

I started this page by attaching aluminum foil over the entire page. It gives it a frosty cold feeling, and then I added a little bit of gesso on top.... but it didn't stick very well on the foil. But I made it work any way. ;) I also added a little bit of teal paint. I think that blue, sliver and teal are great winter colors. And of course - white.

I punched out holes around the edge, and crochet a fussy warm "sweater edge" around it. Like a knitted warm cosy sweater, for when it's cold outside. :)

Early in my scrapbook years, I realized that pearl maker in the color cremé works great as snow. Don't you think? :)

I also added some snowflakes in felt, that I found deep deep down in my scrapbook supply's. It feels great to use some of that old stuff that you still hoarder. ;)

This page is created for SweScrap, and a technical challenge where you had to use snowflakes, yarn/twine and pearl maker. A fun challange! :) 

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