onsdag 21 maj 2014

Stop it!

The theme for the 51st Sodaliciuos Art Journal Challenge is...

... "Cut it out".

And when I found the perfect image of my interpretation of that theme, I couldn't wait to play along. :)

 For me the theme represent that sometimes you need to stand up for yourself. To just say "Stop it!" when you've had enough of something or someone. That is your right to do that, don't forget it! 

I'm working in an Art Journal album from Sodalicious, with different papers inside, and I love the grafic wood pattern. To create the background I dripped some orange paint on both pages, and then I used my brayer to spread it out unevenly. Then I picked up a Sodalicious stencil and used green acrylic paint on top of that. I like the combination of orange and green. :)

When that had dried, I added some bits and pieces of washi tape, and then I added the cut out girl with modpodge and did some doodling around her.

A close up of all the yummy layers of pattern, paint, tape and letters. Love it! :)

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