lördag 1 februari 2014

My sisters calender

It's a new year, and as usual at this time of the year my sister needs a new calender.

So I bought a calender that has plastic folders as covers, then I could make my own version of the front- and backpage. She got this for Christmas. :)

I started by cutting two pieces of ligtly patterned paper into the right size. Then I added a small dollie mask from TCW and misted over it with a blue Dylusions mist.

I know that this mist reacts with whatever medium you add on top of it... so I worked with that effect and added texture paste over another mask, on top of the mist. The texture paste turns light blue, and that creates a soft feeling when you create texture but in similar shades of color.

This is how the two pages turned out. Happy colors in teal, pink and yellow. :) An black as a "pop up" color. My sister liked it. :)

I have worked with different embossingpowders. The pink, yellow and black is "regular" embossingpowder with stamps from "Gummiapan" and Technique Tuseday.  :)

The white and the fold is embossing enamel from Stampendous. I just sprinkled it over the two pages, and that creates sucha cool effect - almost like a frosty golden, kind of effect. :)

On this close up you can also see the lovely texture of the light blue texture paste. Happy happy happy! :)

This close up makes me even more happy! :)

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