fredag 25 januari 2013


I just remembered that I haven't shown you the card I made to my dad for Fathers day.

 Picture borrowed from SweScrap.

The sketch that Maya (my DT friend from SweScrap) did, really inspired me. For some reason it made me think about a dark starlit night and shooting stars. 

So that was what I wanted to portray on my card. Can you feel the amazing feeling of looking up into a starlit sky? The feeling of infinity? :)

I started out by cutting out two pieces of cardstock, on in black in the shape of the card and a smaller piece of blue.

I used a piercing tool to pierce hols into the blue piece of cardstock. That made it easier to sew my stitches. I only pierced and sew through the blue cardstock, because then the stitches won't be visible on the inside of the card.   

Can you feel it? :)

I added some Stickles and doodling to enhance the star feeling.

Some more doodling and Dad (Pappa) spelled out with a tiny alphabet.

Can I tell you he liked it? :)

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