lördag 4 maj 2013

Optical art

A couple of months ago I found a link to an interesting video on facebook. It is about a really fun technique called "Optical art".

You start out by drawing a, slightly wavy, line across the page. This is you starting point. Then you start by making loops from this line. It will take a while, but I find it kind of meditative.

When you have filled the whole page with loops, you can really see "the worms" pop out of the page. Cool effect! :)

After that I used neo colors watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils to create this shadowy effect, and a lot of water....  

(The photo is taken after I work with Dylusions mist on the opposite side... and it got a little bit messy...)

Isn't it coool?! :)

And here is the video on youtube, so you can try it yourself. Enjoy! :)

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