torsdag 9 maj 2013

25 years old

I don't want to admit that I'm getting older, the years are just passing by so fast.... When I had a party celebrating my 30thiest birthday, it said "Come celebrate the first anniversary of my 29th birthday!" on the invitation. :)

It is an old saying, that you shouldn't ask a woman about her age... but for me, I stopped counting. :) I stopped counting at 25, but that are a couple of years ago.... ;)

Usually I start with the background and a new technique, when I think of an Art Journal. But with this page, I started with the picture.

She is sitting in front of a purple background, and that made my choice of color easy. I used a plastic card to paint the background, just to get the paint really smooth and even. When that was dry I used a D.Downey mask, to create a classic wallpaper with medallions, and painted the inside of the mask (the contours) with a brush and Lumiere metallic acrylic paint. I created the pink, and the grey, dots with the back of the brush. It took a while, and you had to be careful not to take to much paint on the brush - but it turned out really cool.

To separate her from the background, and make her even more classic, I made a frame around her - making it like an old oil painting.... kind of. :)

As a final touch, I took some modeling paste on an other mask from D.Downey/Prima Marketing. I also doodled some with a black pen.

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