onsdag 8 maj 2013


Today I plan to show you a really sparkly Art Journal. :)

It is an Art Journal with a thought I'm having... What do you think? Do I need a man to put a sparkle on my life? Nooo, I can do that all by my self. But there's still the qusetion - Do I need a man? Probably, yes. ;)

I've been thinking for a while.... How do you attache glitter on your page, so it stays there? But then it hit me, I had seen Christy Tomlinson mix glitter with clear gesso. I needed to try that, and let me tell you - It worked great. :)

On this photo, you can also see how I layered the stencils on top of each other. This way I get two images/shapes at the same time. 

The page is actually a mop up page, that I used when I created another page in my Art Journal. First I used a lot of mists and water on that page, then I used this page to mop up the excess mists. And then I misted over some mask on the other page, and stamped with the same masks on this page using up all the excess mists on the masks. Hope you understand what I mean. :)

Doesn't it sparkle just lovely? :) Once I put the glitter+clear gesso layer down and that was dry, I just sat there... turning it in the light and looking happily on all the sparkles. Some might say, like a mad man. :) The people who sat next to me at the big Scrap & Pearl Event, a couple of weeks ago, might agree with me on that. :)

And another picture with lots of sparkles. Sparkles, sparkles, happy happy! :)

To make the guy stand out some, from the page (tihi :), I painted him with Distress Paints Picket Fence. But I had to be very gentle with my brush, otherwise I would smear everything together, since the Dylusions mist are very water soluble. I also doodle around him, with a black pen.

Some white rub ons finished the page.

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