måndag 27 augusti 2012

A little bit over-excited

I just love playing around with ink and modeling paste, testing new techniques and having fun. :)

On this page spread I tried something new that I saw on a course with Christy Tomlinson.

I dripped some indian ink on a gesso primed page, and let it run. Then I sprayed some water on it, to make it run even more. Make sure to protect the pages around this page, cause it will run wild. I like that there are still some white space left on the pages. Let the ink dry completely. It will dry permanent, and will not mix. Then ad another color of ink. I used reddish pink and orange. (The blue on the left page is from the page before, where the running ink got too wild :).

After the ink was completely dry, I used my favorite mask and spread some modeling paste over it. The dollie on the left didn't turn out so nice, so I enhanced the pattern with some white acrylic paint.

I really like how this turned out. I might do it on a canvas or two. :)      

I found a really great quote, that made me laugh, in a book that I was reading. 50 ways to find a lover by Lucy-Anne Holmes. I can highly recommende it - Chick Lit for real! :) 

I´ll try to translate the quote:

"I don't mean that he is a prince charming, or so. 
But he is a heterosexual man in my age, 
and he has a pulse. 
I don't meet many of them these days, 
so maybe I got a little bit over-excited. "

I wanted to do a page in my Art Journal with this quote.

I have found a really great blog about Art Journaling in Poland - SODAlicious! They have a shop and a very talented Design Team. They have a challenge every other week, and this week it was with the theme: I CAN.

I felt that this quote could fit into this theme, in the sense that: I CAN, I WILL and I DARE! I need to dare more, have more courage, when it comes to finding that special one that is missing in my life. 

This is the left page, where I kept most of the quote.

Here is the right page, where I put the punch line of the quote. :) And I found this really suitable picture in an old magazine.

I put some water diluted blue ink on this page as well, to give it more balance. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to a flea market and found some nice old magazines from the 40's and 50's. :) I love the pictures in them, and the advertising is so old fashioned and interesting to read. You could easily say that: "Times have changed"...

This picture, I cut out of an ad for detergent. Of course you need to throw yourself in the arms of the man with the clean white shirt - hilarious... :).

 I need to remember to take a photo of the ad in the magazines first, before I cut out the pictures.... 

A close up of some of the rub ons I used on this page. Fittingly enough I had a rub on with some hearts and a kiss. :)

I love how the colors turned out. 

I wrote some encouraging words with a fine tipped pen. I kept them small, so that they could be read up close but would feel like texture from further away.  This word is the Swedish word for dare.

I used rub ons on some places of the spread to give it more texture. As a final touch I doodled some with a black pen.

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  1. Gud vilken härlig sida Sara! Älkskar den. Bilden är ju så underbar och bakgrunden lika så.

    Jag brukar kopiera mina bilder i några ex när jag ser att jag vill ha många ex av en eller använda även baksidan. Men fota är ju en bra idé-

  2. Love what you've done here. The masing and colors look wonderful and the vintage magazine cutout is awesome!