onsdag 29 augusti 2012


A couple of weeks ago I told you about a workshop I'm taking. It's The Art of Wild Abandonment with Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson.

I can highly recommend this workshop! Junelle taught me to dare start sketching. I didn't think I could sketch, but with her motivation I dared. :)

During the first week of the workshop, we started sketching radishes. It's true! :) First I thought it was kind of weird. But if you think about it, no radish are alike so you can't get it wrong. Feels nice. :)

To try this, you only need a pencil and a sketchbook.

The challenge from Junelle was to sketch radishes in every possible and impossible way. So I tried to be "wild" and creative, not worrying about how it should look. 

One thing I learned was to begin by dividing the page into six smaller areas. It feel slightly intimidating to start sketching on a big blank page. This is called "thumbnail sketches". And it was a big help.

I think this sketch turned out really cute... :) This might inspire an Art Journal page in the near future.

When sketching a radish you start with a circle, making it slightly pointy and then give it some leafs. Easy, right? :)

This sketch, very inspired by Junelle, actually turned into an Art Journal page. I'll show you the page next week. :)

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