tisdag 10 december 2013

Dear Santa

I've been good this year, Santa! :)

Here are a few things that I would like to see wrapped up under the Christmas tree:

Two completely different TV shows - Glee season 4 and True Blood season 5

Hot pink Converse or White - Low chucks! :)

Experimental PaintingAcrylic Solutions

Two books about mixed media... the one on the right is higher up on the wish list.


My small gratin dish cracked a couple of months ago... I need a new on. These ones from Gerbera is cute. I would prefer a turquoise one, but there are so many pretty colors on them so any one is fine.  


A ski rack for my new car would be lovely, since I don't want to keep my snowy skis inside the car after a day in the slops.
Since I have started working out a lot (and loosing weight), I need new training clothes. A fun new problem. :)

And some other ideas for me, Santa: Good books, DVDs (the Host, Beautiful Creatures, Les Miserables, Pricilla), skorts, electric toothbrush and a "plastic tray" for the trunk of my car...

... oh, and a date... ;)


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