torsdag 26 december 2013

Santa girl

I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. I did. :)

I'm currently taking three online workshops, where I'm learning to draw faces. It takes a lot of training, but it is fun. :)

I started the page by layering a lot of different Christmas themed patterned papers, and doolies, book paper, other scraps and mod podge.

Then I added gesso and acrylic paint over the entire page, letting the paper show through in some places.

A close up of the girl. This girl is inspired by Danielle Daniels workshop "Her story", that she is teaching together with Christy Tomlinson. I really liked this workshop, and I like the style of the girl. Fun fun fun! :)

I added the acrylic paint with different techniques, and that creates lovey layers. :)

The grey circles is made by a new favorite tool of mine - the polka dot tool from the Gelatos tool set. I tend to use it a lot since I love circles and that tool lets me create circles easy. 

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  1. Oh, jag såg allt non-stop pappret ;) Men det var lite fusk att täcka över det med så mycket gesso och färg ;D Slutresultatet blev superfint iaf.