tisdag 24 december 2013

Belive in magic

To day is the day... Christmas Eve! :)

In Sweden, today is the day we celebrate Christmas.

Remember the MAGIC of Christmas!

Even if you are all grown up and have kids of your own. Remember that magical feeling that you had when you woke up on the day of Christmas - with sparkling eyes. :)

This page started as a mop up page, from when I painted a girl (that I'll show you later this week). I used a plastic sleeve as a paint palette, and I just turned that sleeve up side down and stamped with the leftover paint onto this page.

This is a quote from Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory". Word!

The paint ended up kind of thick on some places, but I gave it time to dry and it created some cool structure. :)

I worked with a tag from SNAP, and I made the MAGIC word very sparkling with a sparkly medium.

This makes me happy! :)


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