måndag 23 december 2013

Gift wrap paper

So have you wrapped all your Christmas presents yet? ... I haven't even started... except for these...

I wanted to try to create my own wrapping paper this year.

I bought plain white wrapping paper at the book store, and then I started playing. :)

I worked with different techniques on the different gifts.

On this one I added green acrylic paint over a mask, added some silver paint with a brayer and stamped with an empty roll of string. 

On the gift on the left, I "painted" with a plastic sleeve... first I added some paint on the sleeve, than I "stamped" on the paper.  

To create more structure I rolled an empty toilet roll (with rubber bands on it) in brown paint and then rolled it over the paper. Kind of messy, but fun. :)


On the package in the middle, I added golden paint over a Donna Downey mask.

Then I stamped with bubble wrap and a piece of cardboard.

On the right package I rolled the paint out with my brayer. That gives it a layer-on-layer effect.

When that was dry I stamped with the empty toilet roll and cardboard.

To wrap it up :) I added some canvas string and a small address tag.

Do you think someone will be happy about these gifts?

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