måndag 30 september 2013

Stockholm City Scrap

I was at a crop yesterday - Stockholm City Scrap. :)

This is a crop that takes place in Stockholm City (doh! :)), twice a year. And this time they celebrated their 5th anniversary.

I went with my nice creative friend Stella, and it was so much fun chatting with her, shopping some very much needed scrap stuff :/ .... and doing some scrapbooking. :)

In the morning, I started creating on my piece of the table...

... but as the day went by, my scrap stuff started spreading. I don't know how? ;)

When the night came, people went home... and there were only a few of us left when Fia (the organizer) started packing up the tables. Do we need to go home now? :/

This crop was so much fun! :)

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  1. Tack själv för igår vännen! Jag är inspirerad nu! Känns bra! Kram