tisdag 24 september 2013

Diamond crochet Iphone case

I felt the urge to do some crochet...

...and my Iphone needed something warm to snuggle up in for the winter.

So I made a case for it, using a pattern for a diamond hat. I found the link over at Kungen&Majkis blog, and she used two colors. That looked so good that I had to try it my self. :)

At first the pattern look really complicated, but with the help from a girl that showed the different steps with photos and a video tutorial I managed to crochet this after a couple of tries. :)

I picked my favorite colors, and I kind of like it. ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. How do you do this pattern with two different colors? I am trying to make a pineapple hat where the bottom color is yellow and the diamonds are brown but I can't figure it out. Thanks!