fredag 6 september 2013

Gästbok D&K

This summer, at the end of June, I was at a wedding down in the south of Sweden. It was two close friends that got married and it was a beautiful ceremony and a kick as party afterwards. :)

The bride-to-be ask me, very nicely i March, if I could make a guest book for the guests to write a small note to them in. Of course, I said! :)

This is the front...

.... and this is the back of it.

There were only plain white pages inside, where I marked a square for the photo, and I tied it together with twine.

The color theme for the wedding was white, yellow and blue - except for that I could do what I wanted. :)

For the front and the back, I used chipboard that I cut into A5 size. And since that was grey I put gesso on it. While the gesso was still wet, I added stripes of old book paper. Trying to get an image transfer. 

I had never tried an Image Transfer with gesso before, but it worked ok. Usually I use mod podge, but this worked fine.

I still wanted to tone it down slightly, so I did a white wash with gesso and water on top of everything.

When that was dry I added Modeling Paste through a TCW mask called Wedding ring (fittingly enough). :)

Then I let Liquitex acrylic ink and water, in blue and yellow, drip across the page. The first time I made an Oops!... since I didn't let the yellow ink dry completely before adding the blue ink. What do you think happened? Well, yeah... it turned green... The second time I let the ink dry... so then I got blue and yellow. Oops! :)

On top of all this ink, I added another layer of modeling paste. This time over the TCW mask - tripod. As a final touch I stamped with a heart stamp and did some doodling.

I decorated with mini roses, hearts cut out from book paper and lace - to give the guest book a more romantic feeling.

Eh, this is the inside of the book... kind of messy. But I made it messier and let it be like that. :)

The bride and groom was happy, so them I'm happy. :)

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  1. Tjusigt! Nu ska jag bara fixa bilderna till dig :)