tisdag 17 september 2013

Méditatif - The European Scrap Battle #2

Today I'm showing you a calm layout, in earthy tones. Kind of unusual for me... but I love that about this hobby - that you can jump around among the different styles of scrapbooking. :)

In august of 2010, me and 4 friends drove down to La Rochelle on the west coast of France. We had a blast! :) Stayed at a great apartment right by the boardwalk, great weather, nice surroundings and interesting tourist spots,  nice (interesting) food and one of the things that I remember the most... the early morning work outs....

The photo is taken at the beach, an early morning before anyone els woke up, after a work out.  It was really meditative to stand there and watch the sea breathing in.... and breathing out.

I was very inspired by Finnabair when I started with this background. I just love the soft backgrounds that she makes on her layouts. I saw, or heard, somewhere that she uses tea to splash with on the background paper. That gives it a real soft and natural look. So I tried it. :) And it turned out just the way I wanted it. Then I stamped with brown acrylic paint and the bottom of two, different sized, tea cups.

I worked with patterned papers in layers. It was "patterned paper" stripes in the background paper to start with, and I wanted to enhance that and use them as parts of my layer-on-layer.

You can see a close up of on of the "Tea rings" and also that I added some gesso, to soften it a bit more. To give the layout a certain balance, I added the asterisks in the same font and color as the title on this side of the photo. The cute pink stitches also adds to the balance. :)

The wooden feather is a gift (or did I pay for them?) from a friend. Thank you, Hanna/Fnyz.

I also grunged up the photo some, with a hole punch and a pair of scissors.  

I am so in love with this paper. It is from Pink Paisle, and is called Portfolio (I think). The paper is already kind of grungy. Here you can see some natural splashes with the tea, and that I also splashed with Dylusions mists Calypso Teal.

I decorated with real shells, from the south of Sweden, mixed in with the ones on the photo.

At last a close up of all the loveliness on this LO. :) The real shells, the wooden feather, the gorgeous paper, the pink stitches, the brown tea rings and the blue letters. Yummy! :) 

This is my contribution to Battle #2 of the European Scrap Battle - the Layout category. We were supposed to find a word that described how we felt about scrapbooking, and then create something around that word.

64 talented women made it through to Battle #2 -> 62 made a layout -> 32 made it to Battle #3. I was one of them! :D ... even though I made it through due to a Walk Over. But I still made it! :D

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