onsdag 4 september 2013


The fall is soon up on us, and the schools are beginning their fall semester. This is also the time of year when I buy a new calender.

  The colors are more "happy" in reality. 

I usually buy a calender where you can create your own front and back. I took a cardstock and some acrylic paints and went wild with it. :)

This is what my diary looked like last year... I haven't had the time to decorate my newly bought one.

This is the front...

... and the back.

As I said before, I used acrylic paint and some masks from The Crafters Workshop. When everything was dry I highlighted the shapes from the mask by outlining them with a black pen. I also stamped with some texture stamps and a toilet paper roll.

As a final touch I used some gesso with a piece of punchinella to make the small happy dots. :)

The front and back together. These are some of my favorite colors - pink, yellow and turquoise.

The ticker black circles are done with liquitex acrylic ink, that are more fluent then normal acrylic paint. So after painting the circles I tilted the paper slightly, letting the paint flow.

I used a left over piece as a front for my dads note book...

... and my niece really liked it, so she got a front...

... and back for her school calender. :)

Here you can see that there wasn't enough for the back of her calender, but I fixed that with a piece of cardstock. 

Between the mask shapes I used a mix of gesso and grey acrylic paint to even out the background slightly. I like that, when you use gesso and acrylic paint, it doesn't need to mix completely.

This is just a happy close up. Love it! :)

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