lördag 22 september 2012

More pencil sketches

I've been doing some more pencil sketching... and it is so fun and liberating just sitting with a pencil and sketch pad being creative. :) 

I was very inspired by Junelle Jacobsen, that teaches The Art of Wild Abandonment workshop.

I've sketched a cloths line. This will probably be an Art Journal in the future - with the title: "On my wishlist - a families cloths line". One thing that is, most likely, not on the list for many moms.... 

Happy as three peas in a pod. Maybe the saying usually is about: two peas in a pod... I don't know, I'm being wild. :)

Another sketch inspired by Junelle. Cute! :)

I have an Art Journal idea with owls on different branches, but from the same tree... You'll see it when it's done. 

A second cloths line.... this with the idea of freedom, visualized with a pretty dress flying away in the wind.
You will probably see some of these sketches in bigger, more colorful versions in my Art Journal.

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