måndag 5 november 2012

Scraps of Darkness

So finally it's official!

I found out about this on Saturday morning and have been dying to tell you since then... I know, long time to wait, right....  ;)

I am the new Educator on 
the Scraps of Darkness Design Team!!!

I'm so happy and honored!

Scrap of Darkness is a kit club for the alternative scrapper.

Al-ter-na-tive: adj. - 1. offering or expressing a choice.  2. different
from the usual or conventional.  3. Scraps of Darkness Kit Club.

The kits are packed with yummy stuff, filled with inspiration. There is also an active forum with supportive nice girls, that inspire you like crazy.

I will make two video tutorials a month using the main kit, the color add on and the creative add on. Hope I can teach you, inspire you and dare you to try getting messy! :)

Come join me!   *doing my happy dance*

5 kommentarer:

  1. congratulations, glad to work along with you

  2. Grattis! Låter jätteskoj! kram Lotta

  3. congrats!! cant wait to work with you!

  4. Vad roligt och spännande! Stort grattis...!