torsdag 7 februari 2013

How does it feel?

In the beginning of this year we had an Art Journal/Mixed Media challenge over on the Inspirational blog SweScrap.  It was about creating around the theme: Clouds. 

This is a question I have been thinking about for a while: How does it feel to touch a cloud? Soft and fluffy like cotton, or wet and sticky like an old cloth? How can answer that? And when the theme was clouds I had to make an Art Journal about it. 

I started the page by attaching a napkin with decoupage varnish. It was a rather thick napkin, and I really liked the texture of it. 

Then I used the page as a "mop up page" for a while. You know when you mist on a mask, there's always some mist left on top of the mask - then you can used the mask as a stamp. Don't waste any paint. :)

I wanted the page to be full of texture. I wanted you to want to reach out your fingers and touch it. So I added some batting from a pillow (that I usually use when stuffing my crochet animals) on this page....

...and some clouds cut out from a new (!) wash cloth. 

Can you feel the fluffiness? :)

I like to add some doodling on my page when I'm almost finished.

On this close up, you can almost see the texture in the napkin. Right?  

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