onsdag 13 mars 2013

How is it suppose to be?

So finally I have been able to play with the new Distress Paints from Ranger. I have been watching videos with Tim Holtz from the CHA Winter show 2013, and I have been wanting to play with them ever since. :)

Distress Paint is a very fluid acrylic paint, that you can create a marbling effect with if you spray some water on it before it dries. This paint will dry permanently as all acrylic paints does, but it doesn't create any structure on the page (you can't feel it with your fingers). This paint was really fun to work with... the only problem is to know when to stop spraying water, because it is so much fun. :)

Created for Scrap-Perra.

This time I created an Art Journal with a quote that can be applied on many things in life, including your creations. Just have this quote in mind when you are creating your next Art Journal - sometimes it doesn't come out as you planned, but you had fun in the process and that is ok. :)

I made a video while I created this page. Hope you enjoy it! :)

This how my background turned out. Love the colors and the marbling effect and the stamping. :)

It is hard to get a good result if you stamp with regular acrylic paint, and the result is never as detailed as one might want. Since Distress Paints is thinner and more fluid that regular paint, I wanted to try stamping with it. I used Distress Paint in the color Picket Fence (white), and it worked great. :) The white color didn't come out so bold, but the details is phenomenal. Can you see the butterfly on the left?

I'm not that careful when I draw the outlines on the girl. I like it to be quit messy. :)

Even here, you can see the nice effect of stamping with this paint. Can you see the details on the tiny letters on her face? Love it! :) I love the soft color of "Broken China" as well.

Isn't this some gorgeous colors? The yellow "Mustard Seed" against the white in the texture paste and the pink from a Kaiser Craft stamp and "Picket Raspberry". :) A lot of layers! Love it! :)

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  1. Such gorgeous colors!! Thank you for sharing your video with us :)