måndag 11 mars 2013

Time passes...

I just love the color intensity of the Dylusion ink spray. But today I'm going to show you a darker side of these mists. :)

Created for Scrap-Perra.

I have worked with a technique that Dyan Reaveley calls "Bleach Out". At the bottom of this post is a tutorial of when she is working with this technique.

With Ghosting Technique you remove color with water. I usually work with water in a misting bottle and a mask. The "Bleach out"technique is kind of the same thing, but with more precision since you are using a brush and water instead of the misting bottle.

I started out by misting black (Black Marble) on the top half of the page and then pink (Bubblegum Pink) on the bottom half. Then I used a mask with leaves (Luscious Leaves) and painted with a brush and water through it. And to follow Dyans tutorial, I wanted to paint the leaves pink. Since I don't have a water brush that I can fill with mist, I sprayed some mist on my craft sheet and used a regular brush to pick up the mist and paint the leaves.

As a final touch I like to do some doodling around the leaves and make some small black and white dotts with gesso through a piece of punchinella. This gives the whole page a grungy feeling, I think.

The quote is from Twilight - I'm a huge fan. :) It's about loosing someone. The time will pass, and the sadness and hurt will slowly fade away... kind of like a bruise. But you will never forget...

Here is the tutorial by Dyan Reavelry that I was talking about. She is using different tools than I did, but with this I'd like to show you that you don't need to have all the tools to try and play with a new technique. Use what you have at home and have fun. :)

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