onsdag 6 mars 2013

Top 10 Layouter - 2012

So I have finally taken the time to summarize my 2012 scrapbook year.

2008 - 15 layouts (including 4 two page spread)
2009 - 15 layouts
2010 - 30 layouts (including 2 two page spread)
2011 - 55 layouts - Top 10
2012 - 30 layouts
2013 - ....  

Here are my Top 10. Enjoy! :)

I created this layouts for a challenge over on the Swedish inspirational blog SweScrapbook. It was a technical challenge where you should create in the style of Steam punk.

I'm very inspired by Finnabair, so it was really fun to try this style. And I love the outcome. :) It's a picture of me and a quote I need to live by.

I just love the soft colors of this layout and how I kept it clean & simple. The feeling of the soft colors gives me the feeling of love between the brother and the sister in this photo.

This layout is created based on a sketch over at SweScrap.

I created this layout in February 2012, when I first got into the world of Art Journaling/Mixed Media. Can you see the influences? :)

I had so much fun creating this layout, and I tried a lot of new techniques. I didn't use a mask when I started the background, instead I used some paper squares that I cut out and misted over. Love the grungy look of it. 

This was also a really fun layout to create. I had wanted to do a layout with this theme and photo for some time. It is about a qoute from Eric Forman in "That 70s show" how to turn a screw - and I use it all the time. :)

I created this layout to a challenge over at the Swedish webshop Scrap-Perra. I didn't win, but I got a small prize any way.... and now I'm part of their DT (Yeah!).

This is a technique, for a background, that I just love to use. I take a 12x12 mask, with a graphical pattern, and mist with a couple of different colors. Then I put some gesso where I want the photo to be, kind of like a photo mat, to soften the misted pattern. I also love tho use clusters of embellishments. :)

The layout was inspired by Mahlin Wiggur (I just love her style :), and she also made the sketch over at SweScrap that this layout is based on.

Another layout with the style "Clean & Simple" and a lot of white space. Love it! :)

The layout is about the humor of my towns public transport, or their website. I asked a question of how to get to a certain place - the website wanted me to first take a bus and then walk for 650 meters. I think the computer program on the website didn't mind if I got my shoes wet. LOL! :D 

This was a challenge at SweScrap, where you had to use buttons, circles and do some doodling. A fun combination. :)    

Sometimes it's fun to not use the traditional colors for a certain theme. Here I've worked with pink, blue, yellow and brown on a winter theme layout. I also used a lot of word stickers, that I found hidden deep in my scrap corner. Got to use up all that stuff that I bought in the beginning of my scrapping life!

Here's another layout in soft colors, almost with a vintage feeling to it.

This is a scrap lift of a leayout created by the very talented Nabon. I love her layouts and this background is just amazing. It's created with cotton tape, gesso and mesh on a kraft cardstock. The crinkles in the cotton tape gives a great texture. :)  

This layout is created based on a sketch from Scrapptorgets Cyber Crop. It was a big splash on the sketch, that really inspired me to get messy. :) But then I decided to invert the messy splash... I created a background with a mask and some mists, and then I let my splash be a piece of white cardstock. Love the effect! :) I need to use this idea again on an Art Journal. 

And the last of my Top 10 for 2012 is a scrap lift of a layout by Sasha Farina. I usually make some cross stitches on my layouts as a final touch, but I'm so amazed by Sasha that do so much embroidery on her layouts. And she really inspires me. I NEED to do this more on my layouts! Love the outcome. :)

Now that I've summarize my scrapbook year of 2012, I can see that I either get really messy on my layouts or go in the direction of "clean & simple". And I love that this hobby allows me to do that. Two sides of one coin. :)

I can also see that I work more with cardstock, and not so much with patterned paper. Which is too bad, since I have tons of it.... but I like the layouts any way. :)

2012 was the year when I dove (dived) into the world of Mixed Media, and started playing and doing a lot of Art Journals. (I'll show you my Top 10 Art Journals next week.) It is so much fun, but I feel the urge to do some layouts again... but it feels like there's an obstacle to get over first, for some reason....  

How you enjoyed this as much as I did.


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