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A colorful life - The European Scrap Battle #3

This is my contribution to The European Scrap Battle #3. The challenge was to use a lot of colors, and not to use any black or white. This was a really hard challenge, cause normally I use black and white to make other colors pop. But I found my way around it. :)

This is how my contribution turned out. :) I like it, even though I know that I need to practice harder. :)
I have registered to three different online workshops where I will learn to draw faces. I really would like to drawn more faces, but I know that it takes a lot of practice.

I cheated a bit when I made this face... :) One of the workshops that I will take is FACEinating girls. And in that workshop you use stamps as guidance. First I stamped with a light yellow, and then I filled it in with a brown pen and gave her hair. I love that I gave her pink hair! :)

I started painting the girl on a piece of flesh colored cardstock (thinking I would cut it out and glue it into my Art Journal). But her hair got to big so I kept her on the cardstock.

It was slightly hard making the shadows, but I'll learn... 
I used Golden fluid acrylics. Love the quality and shine they have. And I used light pink, acrylic paint from Deco Art, as a substitute to white.

For the background I used golden fluid acrylics - green gold. At the bottom of the photo, you can still see the cardstock.

After coloring it green I used Liquitex glass beads gel through a D.Downey mask. That is a real fun medium, that dries clear. :) Then I smeared some Lummire metallic acrylic paint - Pearlescent Blue over a Dylusions mask, did some doodling with a brown pen (instead of a black), and stamped with two roller stamp i teal and vintage photo.

When I wrote the text I was inspirered by Christy Tomlinssons She Art creations, where the text is written in past tence.

Here you can see that I used the gelatos polka dot tool and fluorescent pink on the background as well.

A close up of the eye, to show that I worked without black and white, that was one of the rules of challenge. I worked with a dark teal pen, and did the eye whites with the light pink paint. The highlights are done with the back of a brush and yellow acrylic paint.

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