lördag 19 oktober 2013

Big 40 with Donna Downey

So the D-day is upon us! The day with Donna D! :)

When I arrived there the queue was long...

... and we couldn't wait to get started. :)

Let's get messy! Yummy! :)

Since we worked with 40 different mixed media techniques, and almost all of them included drying time.... so the heating gun worked overtime. And the fuse went off a couple of times, hmm.... oops. :/

Donna is a great source of inspiration, and the workshop was so packed with information. :) I loved it, and need to try the techniques all over again... this time in layer on layer. Fun fun fun! :)

.... and then we did some more drying...

Two amazing ladies in one photo - Donna and Fia! Thank you Fia for making this happen! :)

... by the way, love that you two have the same color on your glasses. :)

This is the WOW factor of the workshop. Such a cool technique with Pan Pastels. :)

Pan Pastel are soft dry pastel colors packed in a cake-like form... almost like eye shadow. I haven't worked with them before, and didn't plan to either... but boy, was I wrong. They were so fun to work with, and I probably need to buy me some.... 

This particular technique was a mistake by Donna that turned into something WOW! :)

Reminds me of this quote: 
The most exciting phrase to hear in science, 
the one that heralds new discoveries, 
is not "Eureka!" but 
"That's funny..."

- Issac Asimov (1920 - 1992)
Pan Pastels don't dry permanent, so you have to use a fixative on them when you want to layer them....

Can you imagine the look on the people on the sidewalk and at bus stop outside the place for the workshop, when 42 women storm out and start spraying like crazy on a pad of paper? Tihi! ;)

After the Pan Pastels, it was time to get messy again... a lot more messy...

This is my table neighbor Karin with not so clean hands and a toilet paper roll.  Having fun? :)

I got a little messy too... FUN! :)

A photo with me and Donna. :) Starstruck much? At first yes, but Donna was so nice to talk to and "just" a fellow creative artist. Thanks for coming to Sweden Donna! :)

I have watched Donnas "Inspiraion Wednesday" every week for a couple of years now, so yeah! It is kind of big for me to meet her in person and take two of her classes.

She wanted to be creative too, so she sat down with us for a while.... and did some talking. :)

I had to take a photo of Donnas husband, Bill, with his masterpiece and contribution to "the World of  Inspiration Wednesday". You've got to love teal! :D

A group photo of all the 42 happy ladies at the workshop, with Donna at the back behind the pillar. ;)

Thank you, Donna (and Bill) for this workshop! :) I'm full of inspiration and still have messy hands. And I am so happy that I will meet her again tomorrow afternoon, for a second class. I need to grab the chance when she's in Sweden. :D

Some final word from Donna... Live Inspired! :)

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