onsdag 16 oktober 2013

A Hug

Today I would like to show you an Art Journal that is about a very important thing...

... to remember to do. Don't forget to give the people close to you a hug now and then. Everyone needs a hug sometime. 

This "hug", with the two hand on each side, is a hug I usually give on all my birthdays and holiday cards. I often get a comment about it and a smile in return. :)

I found a tutorial, on the Faber Castell blog, about mixing Gelatos with Gel Medium. I wanted to try that, cause I have been thinking about how to use my Gelatos more and in combination with my stencils too. Fun! :)

In the tool kit, that comes with the Gelatos, are a lot of smart tool. A spatula is included, and a mixer, a brush to splatter with, two polka dot tools and a pipett. First I added some Multi Medium on my "palett", then I scraped off some Gelatos and mixed it together with the medium. It took a while before the Gelatos dissolved, but then you got a creamy colorful paste.

I did three different pastes and used three different masks. In that I mixed the Gelatos with something, it gets permanent when dry. I let the different colors dry before adding the next one, just to not mix them up.

When everything was dry I mixed yellow Gelatos with water and did some lovely dots with the polka dot tool. Love it! :) I also added Crackle Accents over the dots. Cool, ha? :)

With the brush in the tool kit I did some splatter with black Gelatos, mixed with water, over my page. I also misted some water over the page, letting the splatter run some. The grey "fog" on the photo, is where the gelatos wasn't totally mixed with water... I used my fingers and smudged it out. Kind of a cool effect. :) On the photo above this, on the honey comb pattern, you can see that the Multi Medium acted kind of like a resist for the Gelatos. Another fun technique that I need to try some more. :)

A close up of all the loverly layers - and A HUG!

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