fredag 18 oktober 2013

Splash! with Finnabair

This weekend has finally arrived! The Stockholm Scrap & Mixed Media classes! Yeah! :D

I feels like ages ago that I signed up for these workshops, and this night was the first one - Splash! with Finnabair aka Anna Dabrowska. Soo much fun! :)

Here we are patently, and sooo quietly accoring to Donna Downey, waiting for Fia so we can sign in and start playing.

Everyone is all ready to go. Anna - Start spreading you inspiration! :)

Hmmm, this was what was on the table when we started to get messy.... ???? Looks kind of wierd. :/ Can anyone see what it is? A beef stew?

As I mentioned before, this was so much fun. :D ... when we were creating the background, lots of happy squeals and laughter were heard around the table. Some of the happy sounds came from me. :) Maybe even a happy dance...

This is how my background turned out... lots and lots of happy splashes. Looove it! :)

Anna in action - creating something amazing. Thank you so much for this workshop and all the happiness and creativity you spread! :)

Me and Anna - The mandatory photo at the end of a workshop.

This is how my layout turned out... but it's not done yet, I need to add some more embellishments and stamping. 

A group shot of all the nice ladies at the workshop. Thanks for spreading inspiration! :)

Now I need to go to bed, so that I'm alert at Donna Downeys workshop tomorrow. Iiiiii! Can hardly wait! :)

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  1. Så kul att se alla foton! Jag är gräsligt avundsjuk! :)