fredag 25 oktober 2013

Man about town

I find lots of inspiration on YouTube. This time it's a tutorial with Dyan Reavely that got my inspiration flying.

She is working with her silhouette stencils and her journal block. I think it's fun that she shows different ways to use her products.

This is such a fun technique and I think its kind of calming to just sit and doodle. :) This is my first attempt, that I blogged about a while ago.

I have seen a couple of these pages that Dyan made, and it's fun to see how she does them. I tried it her way, and now I wanted to try it in a different way. It's really a cool effect with the black and white togehter, but I wanted to try it with a different color - silver and black. :)

It just hit me... wouldn't dark teal and a white pen be cool?!

I stamped with one of Dyans Coutor stamps - the Guy - Man about town, and it turned out really cool. :) He is flanked by the stencil Bert. 

He also got a hat. :)

This time I did the doodling with a black pen, but I also added some details with a white pen.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dyan! :)

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