fredag 7 september 2012

A wobbly life

It is such a relief daring to sketch! :) 

In a workshop that I'm taking now, The Art of Wild Abandonment, we are taught to dare try. And it is so much fun!

This is an idea that I happily stole from Junelle Jacobsen, the teacher.

I really liked how this sketch turned out in my sketch book. So I just needed to make it bigger and put it into my Art Journal. I like the bowls balancing on top of each other, with the top most bowl filled to the brim with radishes and some are falling out. I just love the little radish that uses her leaves as a parachute. :)

For me this Art journal represent my life now. My life is kind of wobbly right now, not knowing anything for certain.... but the radish using its leaves as a parachute, makes me think that I will land safely on the table.   

I liked how the sketch looked in plain pencil, so I though for a while to keep it like that. But then I thought that it might be wiped out, so I figured I'd outline it with a black pen and shade with a grey one.
But I change my mind slightly, along the way. I wanted the sketch to be kind of "colorless"... but I added some color, lightly.  

I colored with Faber Castells Big Pit Pen and smudged it slightly before it dried. That gives it a soft feeling and I like it. :)

Here is a close up of the cute paracute radishes. :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Men gud så snyggt! Imponerande.

  2. It is so nice. I love the way you transferred Junelles ideas into your own sketch! And it is right - Junelles advice to sketch first, trying different ideas, is so helpfull. For me it was back to the roods and a lot of fun. You can check my stuff in flickr: Anne R.
    Love from Germany

  3. Den är såå fin; imponerad!