fredag 14 mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl - Friday 14th

The first day of this years Scrap&Pearl event is over... and I'm tired and happy. :)

Let you tell me about my day:

It started early in the morning...

... when I arrived at Globen/Annexet to help Scrap-Perra build up their store. There were a few boxes to unpack... ;)

... and the tables were empty. *in the eye of the storm, it is calm*

Scrap-Perra has got a new color theme for their store/webshop and blog... and new sweaters. :) Love the color!

Nice, right? :)

*busy, busy doing nothing a all* ;)

Time for lunch... at "the Golden seagull".

15 minutes before the doors are opening, and it's a bit busy with the finishing touches.

The store is ready, and looks goooood. Yummy! :)

A lot of people came and joined us.

... an overview shot.

A lot of taxi cabs were waiting outside at closing time, like at a concert... I just wonder how many of the scrapbookers took a cab.

Have a good nights sleep! :) See you tomorrow.

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