måndag 3 mars 2014

Vampyre knitting

A friend of mine brought me a book...

... about knitting and vampires. Me being a Twilight fan, who occasionally knit - She knows me quite well. :)

This book was soo much fun to flip through... the writer must have had a big bucket of humor creating this. :)

You could for example knit "A Sweater with a bite - for him" (directly translated... maybe more correctly translated "A Sweater with a sting"... but that wouldn't be so vampiery, right? ;)

One of the things that I actually could think myself knitting is this - "A mini cape for frozen vampire hearts".

The description reads: "The modern vampire girls doesn't need to hide under long bulky cloaks. This neat cape with a hood and cute hearts fits her so much better".

Isn't it cute? :)

This is just funny - A pulse protector. "When a girl of today dates an ancient vampire it is probably for the best that she covers her arteries. These wrist- and neck warmers will serve as a good protection when she is alone with her vampire boyfriend. So he isn't tempted to take a sip of her blood.

*hilarious and cute* :D

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