tisdag 25 mars 2014

Scrap & Pearl 2014 - Sunday 16th

So let me tell you about the third day of this years Scrap & Pearl Event - Sunday the 16th of March.

It was a lovely sunny day in Stockholm... but for a couple of reasons I decided to step inside...

...and here is one of them. :) A huge room filed with nearly 1000 happy people, bursting with creativity, and 18 stores to shop from.

Doesn't these colors make you more happy then a ray of sunshine?

... or maybe these?

Yummy! :)

Isn't this top hat just amazing!? It would fit on the head of Johnny Depp in "Alice in Wonderland". I found it at Skaparlusten - WOW! :)

Look at this adorable display at SirapiParis booth.

Papers from Sodaliciuos at SirapiParis.

Happiness on a table! :)

And another great reason: Meeting lovely friends - this is Malin at SirapiParis. It was sooo much fun to meet you! :)

Need more reasons? ;)

True words!

I caught a selfie (and a hug) from Sofia as well. :) Thanks for making this happen!!!

Some lovely bead work from a neighbor at the craft table. Amazing, right?!

Mini Distress Ink pads cute as candy.
Inspiring layers of Mixed Media on a friends project. 

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

...oh, I did do some crafting as well. Just so you know that I didn't run around all day, drooling over yummy products. ;)

And I worked some as well... helping Scrap-Perra with the challenges, and helping out answering questions in the shop. Fun! :)

Thank you so much, all of you that made my weekend so great! Hope to meet you next year again. :)

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