onsdag 24 oktober 2012

Just a girl

I´ll continue creating for the "Fall fearless and fly" challanges, hosted by ArtistsinBlogland

The Headline Prompt in the second challenge is: Taking a chance! When did you take a chance or a leap of faith?  How did it turn out?  What did you learn?

I chose to use a quote from Notting Hill, the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, that I really like. This quote is so true, and lately it has felt like I need to take a chance if I want to find someone to share my life with. I need to have courage enough to try taking the first step... it is hard, but at least I'm trying...

The Color Prompt: What color do you like least? Use it!

I immediately thought of purple. I like it on clothes, but I have trouble using it on scrapbook projects. So I dabbed acrylic paint through a Crafters Workshop mask, and believe it or not - I liked it! :)

Love all the different layers that ended up on this page. :) This is a background I've been working on for a quite some time, putting on left over paint and mists on.

And to put the final touch on the page, I doddled some hearts on it.   

7 kommentarer:

  1. Your page is very sweet. Good luck finding that boy!

  2. I love all the layers too, and the way you used the stencil is just perfect. The textures and stamping are great. I love that quote too -- we just watched that movie the other day. One of my favorites. I know you will find him soon! Thanks for joining Fall Fearless and Fly!

  3. I really like all the depth in this page from the layers of paint & ink. Your writing works perfectly for the quote too.

  4. Fabulous texture! Purple is one color I us the most next to pink and red and blue and green. I like a lot of colors. :))

  5. fab page, i really love that stencil design too. x

  6. i love the layers and how they created such great texture and depth! very nice.

  7. The close ups really bring the piece to life! Sometimes pictures just don't do a work of art justice. Beautiful!